Working with Anna was something that made complete sense; her effortlessly chic and colorful style matches everything that Anpé Atelier personifies within our brand and designs.

This collaboration embodies a unique and colorful aesthetic born of honest beauty and inspired design.


The Anna x Anpé collaboration empowers elegance, femininity with edginess. It illuminates, with color splashed throughout. The mini collection was co-designed by Anna with curvy, asymmetrical lines. A recurrent theme in Anna’s personal style, these designs affirm that true beauty need not be perfectly polished; rather, you can be playful, distinct and express yourself authentically.

Anna’s style is a huge part of her personality, and there’s nothing she does better than mixing and matching vivacious pieces. Her inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

“I wanted to find something that felt like a good mix of me and Anpé Atelier by taking a part of Sweden’s minimalisme and Denmark’s colorful designs. Color is my daily way of expressing myself and therefore these 3 little loves are decorated in green, blue, pink, champagne and orange.”

Anna Winck

This collection is here to say; there is infinite beauty in being different, in being unique, in being creative, and in being asymmetrical.

We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do,

Line & Anna

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These asymmetrical waves are perfectly complemented by classic diamonds and colorful gemstones. This design is the ideal mixture of edgy and delicate.  14kt. yellow gold. 20 VS1 diamonds with 6 sapphires and 2 tsavorites.

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Perfectly imperfect. A combination of sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds on a 14 kt asymmetrical wave band. The wave band creates an effortlessly chic aura. It perfectly compliments more traditional jewellery pieces, as well as it is stackable, but it also makes a statement when being worn alone.

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This crescent necklace is the perfect cluster of brilliant diamonds and vivid sapphires, and creates for a truly eye catching design. The sapphires are scattered throughout to create an asymmetrical, yet balanced, look. 14kt. yellow gold pendant. 13 VS1 diamonds with 4 sapphires and 1 tsavorite. Chain is in 18kt yellow gold and measures 45 cm.

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