Anpé School:

Welcome to the Anpé Atelier gemstone school! The wonderful world of gemstones and fine jewellery is vast – which is why we wanted to provide a series of educational booklets to help you through your journey.

The Ultimate Sapphire Buying Guide

Everything you need to know when purchasing a sapphire, from the 4 C’s to sapphire treatments.

Determining the Value of a Gemstone

Learn about what gemstones are the best to have in your fine jewellery and how to determine their value.

The Many Colors of Sapphires

A common misconception around sapphires is that they only come in the color blue – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Discover the vast array of colors that wonderful sapphires come in.

Gemstones: From Rough to Polished

Did you know that gemstones don’t start off as the perfectly polished things we see them as in fine jewellery? Learn about the fantastic process of a gemstone in its rough form to the sparkling finalised product.

The Many Types of Gemstones

The world of gemstones is vast – that’s why we wanted to put together a concise booklet that discusses the many different types of gemstones. Find out the difference between precious and semi-precious stones, how they are formed, and which gemstones we love to work with!

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