Cluster rings

Different days and outfits can call for different styles of jewellery. Some days you might want something small and elegant. Other days, you might prefer bolder statement pieces. Therefore, it is ideal to ensure that your personal jewellery collection features more than one kind of jewellery. For the bigger pieces, something as fascinating as cluster rings might be the perfect choice to complete your outfit.

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As the name suggests, cluster rings are usually designed with a cluster of gems. The style is often a centre stone surrounded by smaller stones, allowing for plenty of creativity when creating the ring. If you are on the hunt for a truly unique ring with plenty of room to show off your personal style, a cluster ring is a great choice.

When choosing to look for a cluster ring, you might already picture a ring with a large number of gemstones creating a giant cluster. And while this is definitely a possibility, you can also choose a slightly less dramatic style of cluster. If you are not into bold statement pieces but would still like to add a cluster ring to your jewellery collection, please feel free to let us know. Together, we can come up with a design that fits your style.

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Are you in the market for the perfect engagement ring? Then why not aim for a ring that is as unique as your love for your significant other? Diamond cluster engagement rings can be the perfect choice if you are looking for a solution that is slightly different from the traditional style. And by teaming up with Anpé Atelier cph, you have the opportunity to choose the right gemstones, precious metals, and a number of gems to add to the cluster. 

We wish to be as sustainable as possible at Anpé Atelier cph, which means we are big fans of slow fashion. All of our pieces are made per order or custom-made. Are you or your partner interested in jewellery produced with the environment in mind, you have therefore come to the right place. Furthermore, we care about our customers, which is why we produce beautiful rings which will last you a lifetime. If you are looking for the right engagement ring, a piece from Anpé Atelier cph will ensure that your significant other can enjoy the ring time and time again.

Bi color tourmaline ring

Create the perfect diamond cluster rings

What suits you and your personal taste is a very individual judgement call. This means that only you truly know what gems, metals, cuts, and colours appeal the most to you. When you reach out to Anpé Atelier cph, we will listen to your wishes and, from there, help guide you through the entire process of designing your bespoke ring.

We offer metals such as white, rose, and yellow gold, which gives you plenty of possibilities when designing your personalised cluster ring. Paired with our stunning options for gemstones, creating a piece that fits your ring style becomes even easier. 

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Whether you already have an idea of what your perfect cluster ring looks like or you still need a little help coming up with the right ring style for you, we are here to help you through the entire process. Even if you are only sure of what stone to use in the centre, we can guide you through which cuts, gems, and colours will make your desired main gem pop. 

Choose a round, brilliant diamond or a captivating sapphire – or why not discover other opportunities? We offer a wide variety of beautiful gemstones, from pink sapphires to aquamarines and many others. 

Contact us to hear more about your options, and let us help you create a ring you or your loved one can enjoy for a lifetime.