Let Anpé Atelier cph help you create beautiful diamond rings

A diamond ring can be a great way to commemorate several different occasions. From a romantic engagement to a congratulatory gift for becoming a new mom or getting a promotion. There is no wrong time to gift someone a sparkling and beautiful diamond ring.

If you want to truly make the ring stand out, you might want to consider bespoke jewellery. A custom-made diamond ring can be just the right way to show exactly how much thought you put into the gift.

Consider bespoke diamond engagement rings

Is it time to finally pop the big question? If so, chances are high that you are looking for a ring that will fit your partner just right. Although this is a very normal feeling to have, it can prove problematic when you leave jewellery shop after jewellery shop empty-handed because none of the rings felt like the right fit. 

If your heart is set on a diamond engagement ring, we are happy to help. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or found inspiration in one of our former bespoke pieces, we will work together with you to land on a solution you are satisfied with. 

Maybe you actually found a ring you like, but you would prefer if the precious metal was yellow gold instead of white gold. Or maybe you want to change the shape of the diamonds from teardrops to rectangles? Please feel free to tell us exactly what kind of design you hope to end up with including as many details as possible. That way it will become easier to create a ring you feel confident both you and your partner will love.

White gold diamond ring with asymmetric set diamonds

Heirloom diamond ring with garnet and sapphires set in 18K rose gold

Explore the many styles of diamond rings

Are you looking at engagement rings? Maybe your child just graduated from college and landed their first job? Or do you simply want to treat yourself to gorgeous jewellery just because? There are a ton of beautiful diamond designs already available. But if none of them feel just right for your occasion, it might be time to consider bespoke pieces instead.

At Anpé Atelier cph, we are happy to guide you through the process of designing custom-made diamond rings. And whether you prefer a timeless and classic design with a simple centre diamond or maybe a more elaborate design, our expertise and experience can help ensure the best outcome. 

We also help you create a ring which is truly one of a kind. Because although you might find inspiration in existing designs, our use of gemstones ensures a unique ring. Whether you stick with only diamonds or wish to add a little pop of colour to your diamond ring, no two gemstones are ever exactly the same. 

Discover the possibilities at Anpé Atelier cph

One of the beauties of custom jewellery is the opportunity to shape the ring exactly as you wish. Do you want to be able to stack the diamond ring with other rings? Do you prefer clusters of diamonds or maybe a simple band with an elegant design of gorgeous gems? Let us know and together we can figure out the best solution according to your wishes. 

When you book an appointment with us, we focus on unique designs, high quality, and personal service. Furthermore, you do not have to feel confident in designing fine jewellery at all as we will walk you through the entire process. This of course means that we guide you every step of the way from sketching ideas to choosing the exact right gemstones. 

If you have not yet found the perfect design and do not wish to shop for diamond rings anymore, a bespoke piece is the right way to go. Here you will have a say in every part of the design process, from choosing between precious metals to deciding on the cut, colour, and size of gemstones used. And if you wish to make sure the engagement ring will match the wedding rings, we can also help. For example, we can help you design beautiful ring bands to go perfectly with your personal diamond engagement ring.