Add a beautiful halo ring to your collection

If you are looking for a ring that is truly spectacular and gorgeous, you might want to check out halo rings. These beautiful creations are designed with a larger gemstone which is surrounded by a halo of smaller gems – hence the name. This allows for plenty of options to ensure that your ring is one of a kind.

At Anpé Atelier cph, we help our customers create unique custom rings which can be designed in a variety of ways. Whether you are on the lookout for the perfect engagement ring or simply wish to treat yourself with something sparkly, we will be happy to assist you. 

At Anpé Atelier cph, we take pride in helping our customers design their bespoke rings. And to ensure that our products are one of a kind and live up to your expectations, we are very flexible with coming up with styles. This means that even though a typical halo ring has a complete ring of small gems surrounding the centre stone, we are not opposed to making changes.

As you can see from our gallery of former custom-made rings, not all styles live up to the exact description of what this type of ring should look like. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring with a twist, this might be the right option for you. But even though you are not looking for engagement rings, a beautiful halo ring can still be a great choice. This specific style is typically easy to combine with other ring bands or ring stacks.

That being said, even though these rings are often used as engagement or wedding rings, you can also choose to use them on other occasions. Under any circumstance, you will surely appreciate this addition to your stunning jewellery collection.

Browse our bespoke halo rings for inspiration

When it comes to designing jewellery, it can be tough to distinguish between what is possible and what gems and colours will work together. But if you already have a general idea of what you would like your ring to look like, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to start designing

If you are not entirely sure of what exactly you are looking for, you might be able to find inspiration by looking through our previous custom pieces. Although we cannot recreate any of the rings exactly, we can start the process by looking at what kind of rings, colours, and shapes you particularly like. 

Let Anpé Atelier cph guide you in designing your halo engagement ring

Even though you do not need any specific reason to spoil yourself or a loved one with beautiful jewellery, many people are big fans of halo engagement rings. Not only is the design elegant yet extravagant, but also highly customizable. 

At Anpé Atelier cph, we can offer a wide variety of gemstones. This allows you to choose a traditional and stunning diamond as the centre stone. But we can also guide you through our other options of gemstones. Maybe you prefer a pink or blue sapphire surrounded by smaller diamonds? Simply let us know what kind of gem, colour, and cut you prefer, and we will work with you to find the best solution.

We also work with different types of gold, meaning you choose a type of metal which compliments your choice of gems – or the other way around. Whether you prefer white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, we are happy to assist you in creating a unique ring for you.