Anpé Atelier x Anna Winck – The Collection

-The Inspiration-

Working with Anna was something that made complete sense; her effortlessly chic and colorful style matches everything that Anpé Atelier personifies within our brand and designs.

This collaboration embodies a unique and colorful aesthetic born of honest beauty and inspired design.

The Anna x Anpé collaboration empowers elegance, femininity with edginess. It illuminates, with color splashed throughout. The mini collection was co-designed by Anna with curvy, asymmetrical lines. A recurrent theme in Anna’s personal style, these designs affirm that true beauty need not be perfectly polished; rather, you can be playful, distinct and express yourself authentically. 

Anna’s style is a huge part of her personality, and there’s nothing she does better than mixing and matching vivacious pieces. Her inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. 

“I wanted to find something that felt like a good mix of me and Anpé Atelier by taking a part of Sweden’s minimalisme and Denmark’s colorful designs. Color is my daily way of expressing myself and therefore these 3 little loves are decorated in green, blue, pink, champagne and orange.”

Anna Winck

This collection is here to say; there is infinite beauty in being different, in being unique, in being creative, and in being asymmetrical.

We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do,

Line & Anna

Read more about Anna’s life, style and inspiration here!

Anna Winck earrings

These asymmetrical waves are perfectly complemented by classic diamonds and colorful gemstones. This design is the ideal mixture of edgy and delicate.  14kt. yellow gold. 20 VS1 diamonds with 6 sapphires and 2 tsavorites.

Anna Winck ring

Perfectly imperfect. A combination of sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds on a 14 kt asymmetrical wave band. The wave band creates an effortlessly chic aura. It perfectly compliments more traditional jewellery pieces, as well as it is stackable, but it also makes a statement when being worn alone.

Anna Winck necklace

This crescent necklace is the perfect cluster of brilliant diamonds and vivid sapphires, and creates for a truly eye catching design. The sapphires are scattered throughout to create an asymmetrical, yet balanced, look. 14kt. yellow gold pendant. 13 VS1 diamonds with 4 sapphires and 1 tsavorite. Chain is in 18kt yellow gold and measures 45 cm.

Anpé People – Anna Winck

Introducing Anna Winck

Any nicknames? Wincken!

Occupation? Freelance stylist and content creator. 

3 things that describes you? Always close to laughter,  believer in love and a bit anxious. 

3 things that describes your style? Vintage, color and childish. 

Any guilty pleasures? Swedish chocolate Lindt and toast with loooads of butter, cheese and sea salt. 

What have made you the most proud? When my sister left her husband to be, after she caught him being unfaithful. My sister is my everything. Ever since our dad passed away, when we were 8 and 10 years old, we have literally grown together. My sister and her husband had just bought their dream house and were getting married the next month. We had the dress and everything was planned for the rest of their lives. If you end up in a situation like that, everyone think, the solution is obvious. But it’s not – you’re giving up your “life”, as you know it. 

At what times are you the most happy? When I’m with my friends, drinking coffee for hours, laughing – and when I’m with my family, having dinner and feeling safe.

You have rapidly become immensely popular on the Scandinavian fashion scene – what makes you stand out? I honestly have NO idea. Maybe it’s my “tattooed” style – it seems to create a massive interest from my followers. I’m super grateful for all the love I’ve received in such short time. 

How are you keeping sane and happy in a crazy time of COVID-19? I’m out power walking a lot, and I go for a morning swim every single day. I try to make the most of every “little” situation of the day.  Like making every cup of coffee in the morning special. And I’m reading loads books and enjoying crosswords. 

Anna Winck on Style

What is your go to key items? Acupressure mat, sunglasses and face/hand lotion. 

What item in your wardrobe do you use the most? My oversized blue blazer. 

Have you always been so colorful? Yes! My colorful vintage style started already at the age of 14-15 years old. 

What is the inspiration behind your style? I get a bit inspired by everything and everyone, I guess – it might be a cliché, but it’s true. My inspiration comes from cartoons, any movie at all (Pretty woman), magazines, and of course my favourite inspiring girls on Instagram, Hanna MW, Blanca Miro, Anna Sarlvit, Simone Noa Hedal, Reese Blutstein and Courtney Trop.

How would you describe your aesthetic? I would say my aesthetic is all-sided and versatile. I like the Forrest Gump quote: “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know, what you’re gonna get”. One day I’m dressed as a school girl, another day I’m all in for oversized sweatpants and hoodie, the third day wearing pencil skirt and scarf. 

What is your favourite color to wear? Green. No blue! Or pink, Ahhh I can’t choose. 

If you were a color, which one would you be? Pink! 

What is your advice in terms of being more courageous with colors?I would start with small things. Maybe a colorful accessorizing. A ring, earring or maybe necklace. A hairclip.

Anna Winck on Jewellery

What are your tips for starting your fine jewellery collection? I love fine jewellery, and if you feel the same, I would start saving little bits here and there – maybe to buy a beautiful ring from you to you. Also look for vintage jewellery pieces in solid gold, maybe something from your grandparents, that has a special meaning. Then start stacking. I love the idea of being a collector. And it’s so nice to relate a type of jewellery to a birthday, special day or special person in your life. 

What are your tips for styling your jewellery? I LOVE the mix between feminine and masculine jewellery. I love to have chunky bracelets combined with a feminine diamond ring. I think that’s what is making each and every piece of my jewellery stand out. 

What do you look for when picking out jewellery? Every morning I put on all of my rings and – depending on what mood I’m in – I go from there. Do I feel happy and colorful today? If yes, then I go with my playful and quirky rings combined with my favourite Anpé rings.

Do you always go for the same style, when it comes to jewellery or do you like mixing different styles? I love to mix feminine and masculine jewellery. I really think it goes so nicely together.  

Why did you choose Anpé as your fine jewellery brand? It was actually really love at first sight. Anpé is just as colorful as me, so the brand feels like a match made in heaven to me. I love to find a small fine jewellery brand like Anpé, and it feels so much more special to wear jewellery from a small brand instead of the obvious big brands. 

How do you style your Anpé pieces? The more the merrier. I’m always wearing my 2 Sarah Lil Pink and Green mix together with my customized Hima Ayis green ring. And I’m dreaming of adding the Josephine ring to the collection one day. 

Why did you choose these specific Anpé pieces? My customized green ring means so much to me. I got it as my “single ring”, and it symbolizes the strength I had after getting out of a not so great relationship. I felt strong on my own for the first time in my life. For the Sarah Lil Pink and Green I absolutely love the combination of simplicity and beauty mixed in these delicate rings. 

Anna Winck on Copenhagen

What are some of your favourite things about Copenhagen?That people are so super friendly. The fashion. The te-birkes. Always close to a wine-stop. Everything in Copenhagen and Denmark is HYGGE! 

What are your favourite spots in Copenhagen? Lille Bakery. Sonny Cph, Apollo, Beau Marche!

What are some of your favourite Danish fashion brands? Stine Goya, Hosbjerg, Resume Cph, Cecilie Bahnsen, Saks Potts and Ganni.  

Any exciting upcoming projects? A very exciting design collab with a colorful Copenhagen based fine jewellery brand 😉 

Check out Anna’s amazing daily colorsplashes here.

Meet Line – the head designer and founder of Anpé Atelier


Anpé Atelier was founded in 2017, and as you may have noticed, the brand is all about colors. The idea of founding a jewellery brand took its baby steps in 2015 after a travel to Sri Lanka, where I fell completely in love with Sri Lanka’s colorful take on life – the eminent colorful lifestyle from houses, spices and textiles to colorful temples, mosques, markets and nature.

Sri Lanka combines a casual lifestyle surrounded by a permanent colorsplash so amazing – and so different from Scandinavia, where I am born and raised.

And this was also where I really got to learn about one of Sri Lankas biggest and most beautiful trademarks and commodities: the colorful sapphires.

From lawyer to jewellery designer

However, it wasn’t really in the cards for me, that I would end up as a jewellery designer. I have a master in law and was admitted to the bar as a lawyer and worked as such for more than 7 years, before realizing it wasn’t the right path for me.

I have always had a creative nerve and spark, that couldn’t be invoked working as a lawyer – even though being a lawyer was never completely wrong, it wasn’t completely right either. Something was missing – something creative and colorful, but for so many years it was rather difficult for me to pinpoint, what exactly was missing.

I supplemented my lawyer-life with loads of creative elements, such as the most cosy and nice position as fashion editor at a small Danish magazine, running a fashion blog and always having a pipeline of creative projects running. But it wasn’t until I travelled to Sri Lanka, that I finally realised where to I should channel my inner creative nerd.

Sri Lankas colorful world of sapphires 

Seeing all these amazing sapphires and the wonderful colorful world that surrounded them, gave me an idea to somehow find a way to create something of my own. The meeting with Sri Lanka made a huge impact on me and gave me countless of inspirational thoughts and ideas, as well. I couldn’t really let go of the colorful world and the quirky color combinations. It was after this trip, and seeing the behind the scenes of the gem trade that I realized I wanted to start my own jewellery brand.

I’ve always had a passion for creativity, fashion and the creation of beautiful things – and I have a special love for Scandinavian simplistic design. So the idea of fusing the colorful and magical East with the clean and minimalistic lines of Scandinavia came to life, and Anpé Atelier was born.

I spent 2 years on designing and sketching on Anpé-styles and working as a lawyer full time, before I launched Anpé Atelier. Six months after launching the brand I quit my job as a lawyer, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Anpé Atelier visions and love

Anpé Atelier is my biggest passion and the apple of my eye – I love being part of your big and small jewellery dreams, and it gives me the biggest joy and pride to be involved in some of the happiest moments of my customers lives.

Therefor I love working closely together with my customers to make their jewellery dreams come true. Every design can be created in a different color or gold material than displayed. I love customizations and bespoke pieces– whether it is from scratch or based on one of my existing designs.

One of my major focusses is to bring color into people’s lives – and in a sustainable, ethical way. Therefor I handpickall our bigger gemstones, where the majority come directly from the mines. The gemstones are mainly from mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar owned by one of my very close collaborators – in this way I can secure, that the gemstones are ethically mined and under good conditions for the people working there.

You’re always welcome to contact me to order, customize or book a meeting <3


Written by Line Jacobsen








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