Why You Should Buy Jewellery for Yourself!

Treating yourself to fine jewellery:

One of the orders I love receiving most from customers is an item that a woman is ordering for herself – because she simply deserves it. It is an empowering act, as women, to invest in ourselves and work hard for our education, careers, houses, apartments and more. The same should be said for treating yourself to a beautiful piece of jewellery, one that can be worn and cherished for the rest of your life. If there is a specific ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings you have always dreamed of having, then you should go and get it… yourself!

Receiving jewellery from a loved one is a very special experience… but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to treat yourself to something too. Buying your first piece of fine jewellery is incredibly exciting and there is sure to be something that fits your style and budget perfectly. Engagement rings and tennis bracelets aren’t the only pieces that count as special occasion jewellery, though. Here are a few unique ideas of fine jewellery to treat yourself to!

The Right Hand Ring

The right hand ring is exactly as it sounds – a ring worn on the right hand. But it’s actually more than that. The right hand ring represents independence. It is a ring that specifically is not meant to be confused with an engagement ring. And the best thing? There are no rules for what it needs to look like, which gives the wearer all the creative freedom. This beautiful Varnaya Vatina ring combines vivacious and colorful sapphires and makes for the ultimate treat yourself ring.

Varnaya Vatina

The Showstopper

Go big or go home… because why wouldn’t you? Celebrate yourself with a show stopping ring… yes, one that you can see from a mile away. Wear it when you are feeling particularly extra… or everyday for that matter. This beautiful pink sapphire is surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds and would be an absolute dream to add to a fine jewellery collection.

Bespoke Peach Sapphire

The Not-A-Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, yes… but, have you ever seen a baby pink sapphire, bi-color tourmaline or grass green tsavorite? Diamond jewellery is the go to to express your love for someone, whether that be through engagement rings, tennis bracelets, earrings, etc. However, there’s nothing wrong with going against the current and getting yourself a beautiful colored sapphire design. Sapphire, or other precious gemstones, such as tourmalines and tsavorites, can be incredibly unique and special, and you are sure to get tons of questions about it!

Peya ring

Diamond Necklace with a Twist

Diamond necklaces are definitely a treat to add to your fine jewellery collection. Why not add a little twist with a different shape or addition of color? The Anna Winck necklace is a stunning half moon pendant with a cluster of sparkling diamonds next to scattered sapphires and tsavorites. This design is dynamic enough to be worn on its own and layered amongst other lovely necklaces.

Anna Winck necklace

The Minimalistic Ring

Going with a minimalistic piece is a great way to start off your fine jewellery collection. And in true Anpé style, adding a little color doesn’t hurt anybody. These beautiful Sarah Lil rings are half eternity designs and can be as simple or as colorful as you want. They add the perfect amount of sparkle to your finger and bring a certain amount of happiness when you catch a glimpse of it throughout the day.

Sarah Lil rings

Sparkling Stud Earrings

Another fantastic way to treat yourself is to a pair of beautiful earrings. Studs are an affordable way to feel a little extra and add some sparkle to your style. These Malene studs come in diamond and different colored sapphire stones. They are perfect to wear on their own or paired with other earrings.

Malene Ruby Studs

The Symbolic Ring

When customers are creating their own bespoke piece, symbolisation comes into play when deciding on what colors they are interested in. There are so many ways to create a ring that symbolises something personally important to you, for example, through a births month via birthstones and colors that represent family members or loved ones. A symbolic ring is sure to be something you wear for the rest of your life because of the sheer importance it holds within your heart.

Bespoke Varnaya ring

The Varnaya Rings- Sapphires, tsavorites and tourmalines.

I am so excited to talk about the inspiration and meaning of the Varnaya rings- they are truly one of the most popular designs from Anpé Atelier and are incredibly fun for me to create for my lovely customers. Anpé Atelier is all about color and my designs are focused on using vivacious gemstones such as, sapphires, tsavorites, tourmalines, spinels and more. The Varnaya rings are the perfect mix of gemstones in differing colors, shapes and sizes and are a true manifestation of the colorful Anpé brand.

There are Varnaya rings from the Classic Complexity Collection that are inspired by my own favourite color combinations, however I also create customized version of them as well. Many customized Varnaya’s are inspired by customer’s favorite colors, their birthstones, as well as specific stones representing family members. I love to see the outcome of customized designs because each one is completely different from the other, and simply cannot be recreated due to the uniqueness of each stone’s shape and color. These sapphire cluster rings are sure to become a staple piece in your fine jewellery collection, and something to keep for the rest of your life!

From the Classic Complexity Collection:

Varnaya Terima ring

18kt. yellow gold. Natural baby green tourmaline, natural unheated sapphires natural tsavorite

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Varnaya Bahu ring

18kt. yellow gold. Natural unheated pink, red and green sapphires with 1 VS diamond 

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Varnaya Taruva ring

18kt. yellow gold. Peach natural tourmaline, pink natural sapphire, orange natural sapphire, natural ruby, and a VS diamond 

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Varnaya Vatina ring

18kt. yellow gold. Natural unheated purple, pink, blue and green sapphires, VS1 diamond, natural tsavorite and a natural amethyst.

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See more Varnaya rings from the Classic Complexity collection here

Customized Varnaya rings:

Customized Varnaya rings are a great way to create a meaningful ring that represents your favorite color combinations, represent your family members with birthstones or anything else that inspires you! I am very hands on with the process, as I want to create your ideal, dream ring. I start off by discussing what design scheme you are interested in and then source the stones from my own collection and from gemstone traders. I then start to piece together the stones until you fall in love with a stone combination. Finally, your ring will be handmade and sent off to you to enjoy!

Here are some examples

Want to create your own Varnaya ring?

If you are looking to create your own Varnaya ring, I am more than happy to help! Contact me via email or Instagram to send any questions or ideas you have. I will respond and start looking for stones that would be of interest to you and start the sketching process. Have a look at the Bespoke page on the website, for any extra inspiration, or on the Varnaya page.

The Best Push Presents: Fine Jewellery

Have you ever heard of a push present? A push present is a present that a partner, family member, or even the mother gives to herself to mark the occasion of her giving birth to her child. Of course, a new baby is a fantastic present on its own, but there’s no harm in giving extra thanks to your significant other with a little push present, because let’s face it… pregnancy and childbirth are no joke. At Anpé Atelier, there have been quite a few customers looking to buy push presents to represent their family and children. This piece will represent a life changing moment, and will be sure to be one of the most treasured and worn pieces of jewellery in your collection. Push presents can be jewelry that have the baby’s initials, a color to represent their gender, or anything that the mother absolutely loves! 

Here are some of our favorite pieces for push presents:

Lene Pink Necklace

The Lene necklace is 18 kt gold, with pink natural sapphires. Perfect for those giving birth to a baby girl and wanting to represent that through their necklace. This piece looks lovely layered with other necklaces, as well.

Shop Lene Pink

Sarah Lil Yellow Mix

A 14kt yellow gold band, adorned with diamonds and pink and yellow sapphires. This ring is great if you want to represent each individual in your new little family with different colors, for example, two yellow stones for the parents, and one pink for your baby.

Shop Sarah Lil Yellow Mix

Malene Ring

Go with something small and elegant, like something from our Malene series, if you’re looking for a minimalistic piece. They come in 5 different colors, which can represent gender, birth month, or just your favorite color. Our Malene rings are 14 kt. gold come in three different sizes.

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Customized Pink ring

Alternatively, you can go with an absolute standout piece to represent this new chapter of your life. This ring is 18 kt. white gold with a stunning baby pink sapphire, adorned with VS diamonds.

Bespoke Designs here

Customized Josephine Bracelet

This was a customized push present for a woman, who was having a baby boy. The bracelet is 18 kt. gold with blue sapphires.

Design your bespoke piece here

Customized Mint ring

This stunner was designed as a push present for a customer who was looking for something to treat herself with. She decided on this vibrant, mint green tsavorite stone as it was something she personally loved and would represent an incredible memory.

Bespoke design here

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are another sentimental way to represent the birth of your baby. Each month in the year has a specific stone to represent it. Read our blog post on the different birthstones from month to month here. These Marie rings are similar to the Malene styles, but have a little extra something with the three small diamonds on the band.

Shop Marie ring

Design Your Own Ring

Create your own personalized item to create the piece of your dreams, because you certainly deserve it! Pick your own unique gemstone to put into an existing design, or create your own. This ring is a bespoke version of the Varnaya rings. The customer wanted each stone and color to represent her family of four. How sweet!

Design your bespoke piece here

How To Build Your Own Fine Jewellery Collection

Buying fine jewellery is a long term investment, and if you’re looking to start a jewellery collection, don’t settle for the most affordable choice. When picking jewellery, you’ll definitely want high quality, and that only comes with fine jewellery. It is more expensive indeed, but it is worth every penny.

Fine jewellery is used to describe jewellery made out of precious metals and often times it consists precious and semi-precious gemstones as well. At Anpé Atelier we use only solid gold in 14kt and 18kt, which are hard metals, that won’t break with normal wear. If something should happen to your piece, the hard metal makes it is easy to repair and rework.

While solid gold pieces can be expensive, it is well worth the investment to have something stunning that lasts a lifetime, and can be passed down through generations. On top of that, it more than holds the value throughout time.

Here are some ways to start your own personal fine jewellery collection (but really, there are no rules, so go nuts, if you’re all comfortable):

1. Know what you like and don’t mind other people’s opinion
Everyone’s taste is different from each other, and the fun part about building a fine jewellery collection and investing in high quality pieces is, that you can wear it every day and be all happy about it, when glancing down at it.

2. Start off with a small piece first
Just to get started and to feel the difference between having a fine jewellery piece and a fashion jewellery piece. 

3. Go after something, that matches your style from the beginning
And choose something that you can see yourself wear for many years! Style and taste is different from person to person, and only you will know, what matches you and your colorful self. 

4. Wish for jewellery for special occasions
A great way to slowly build your own personal fine jewellery collection is to wish for fine jewellery for special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, graduations and anniversaries. Having a special moment attached to a piece of jewellery brings more incentive to wear and show it off, as well as keep it for a lifetime. 

5. Treat yourself
And speaking of special occasions, treat yourself with fine jewellery to celebrate yourself. Fine jewellery doesn’t require a special occasion or someone else giving it to you. It can also be amazing to treat yourself with a special piece – just because you deserve it, have reached a personal goal in your life, gone through a hard time or simply because you’re in love with a piece and want to make yourself happy with it.

6. Mix and match
Depending on your style, try to find pieces that you can wear together! Find rings that look great next to each other or stacked on top of each other so you can pair them wherever you go, and whenever you feel like it. Mixing and matching multiple earrings on your ear is also a great way to add some extra sparkle and color.

7. One of a kind
Once you have a few key pieces in your collection, start to venture towards a unique, one of a kind and stunning piece – maybe even a customized piece, you’re doing for yourself. Though this is an investment piece, it adds a stunning look to your style, and you can easily wear your unique pieces together with your other amazing jewellery pieces.

8. Add color
Don’t be afraid to add some color to your jewellery. Many people think that investing in fine jewellery means only gold and diamonds. At Anpé Atelier, diamonds come second to stunningly unique and colorful gemstones, primarily sapphires, tourmalines, tsavorites and spinels. The colors are truly endless for gemstones to choose from, meaning anyone can find a color that suits them. Colorful pieces are rare and unique in the fine jewellery industry, so investing in one will make for a great talking piece and something you won’t see anyone else having.

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