Have you ever thought about designing your own engagement ring? Perhaps there are too many of the same designs on the market and you’re looking for something to stand out from the rest?

If so, then our customization service is something for you.


Anpé Atelier cph is a small boutique fine jewellery brand located in Copenhagen. We specialize in creating custom one of a kind jewellery with a focus on vibrant gemstones – specifically sapphires, tourmalines, tsavorites, rubies, spinels and many more. 

Though we also create our own ready made styles, custom jewellery has become a huge part of our business. We have clients all over the world who we meet with in person and virtually. The process is both straightforward and fun – and you’ll get to play jewellery designer for a time too.

What to Expect at a Meeting:

Together we’ll chat about your ideas and inspirations and browse through our stock of incredible gemstones. We’ll  discuss your ideal design style, and can get down to the nitty-gritty of the setting, the amount of prongs, ring band width, etc. 

If this is an in-person meeting, you can play with the beautiful sapphires, tourmalines, spinels, etc in real time. If you are over a video call, Line will send you high quality videos of the gems you’re interested in up-close. 

After our meeting our designer will work on mixing your different gemstones choices together and sketching on your design idea. We’ll update you throughout the whole process via email or DM. 

Once you decide on your dream design we will work on creating a CAD (computer aided design) and 3D rendering so that you can get a realistic view on what your piece will look like.

Once you approve, our goldsmiths will start their magic! 

And within 6 to 10 weeks you will have your dream custom engagement ring.

The best part about creating your own piece of jewellery is that you have control over the details… which makes it even more meaningful. 

We do both in-person and virtual meetings – so we can meet with you from anywhere around the world – book your appointment!


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