At Anpé Atelier cph we specialize in custom fine jewellery. Everyday we work with private clients around the world to create their dream piece of jewellery. Many of our client’s love the process that is behind creating a bespoke project – you can read their reviews on our Trust Pilot.

If you are looking to create a unique and custom piece for yourself or a loved one, then our customization service is for you. Read more about the process below.

Step 1 – Design Meeting

The very first step in your customization journey is having a one on one meeting with one of our jewellery designers. Together we will discuss your design ideas, your timeline and budget, as well as answer any questions you may have for us. Whether you are seeing us in person at our Copenhagen showroom or pop-up meetings or virtually, this meeting will give insight into what is to come for your one of a kind project.

Step 2 – Sourcing Your Gemstone 

As Anpé Atelier is all about colourful gemstones, it is no surprise that you’re probably going to be taking a look at our stock of exclusive gemstones. After getting an idea of your design, whether it be with a single gem or 5, you’ll choose your favourite. If you are working with more that one stone we will start mixing gemstones in our boxes so you can get an idea of what the piece will look like. If we don’t have anything you like in our stock, we will reach out to our gem supplier.

Step 3 – Designing

Together we will collaborate on the design process, and we will make a sketch, CAD and renderings based on your wishes. This will give you a realistic view of your piece.

Step 4 – Production

Once you’ve proved the design based on the CAD and computer graphic, the creation of your special piece will start. Expect a delivery time of 6-8 weeks from approving the CAD to delivery of your bespoke jewellery.


Does this sound interesting? Then let’s get started – book your design appointment here! And to get a more in depth explanation of the custom design process, click here.