Jewellery Gift Ideas

Inspiring jewellery gift ideas for every occasion

A jewellery gift is always a great idea – no matter the occasion or reason. Fine jewellery is a beautiful idea for that special occasion – or as a “just because” present. Fine jewellery from Anpé Atelier is made of either gold or platinum and is set with gems that are durable and recommended for everyday wear. A jewellery gift from Anpé is thereby also a long lasting gift – and it’s a good investment on the side as well.

In addition to being long lasting, gifting jewellery for that special occasion is an amazing way of putting memories into the jewellery – something that will forever remind the person of that special day, happening or person.

Jewellery gifts have always been popular for birthdays and anniversaries. But lately other occasions have shown to be quite popular for jewellery gifts  – including push presents (or birth present), Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Things to consider before choosing a jewellery gift

It can feel a bit overwhelming buying a piece of jewellery to someone, if you’re in doubt of either their ring size or what they like specifically.

A good trick can be to involve few of the receiver’s friends or family to get a second opinion. It’s great with different inputs in terms of favorite colors and shapes but also regarding the styles and looks the person likes. They can also help asking the person, whom you’re buying to, so it doesn’t come off suspicious or revealing.

If you have time it’s also great to keep an open ear to if they mention anything about either jewellery or colors they love, while you’re on the hunt for the perfect jewellery gift.

If you’re in a rush and have no idea of the ring size, you may consider getting a bracelet, earrings or necklace instead, as these styles don’t require knowing a precise size (at least not so precise as a ring).

How to make the jewellery gift personal

If you want to make the jewellery gift even more personal, then consider doing a custom made piece of jewellery. It’s an incredible and very fun way of getting something completely unique and very personal, in which you have very much participated in deciding on the looks, colors, shapes and overall design and lines for the piece of jewellery, you’re gifting them.

Not only can you then get exactly the jewellery piece you’ve dreamt of gifting them – it’s also an incredible gift to receive knowing that you have spent time and thoughts on creating something specifically for them.

The only thing you need to be aware of when creating a custom made jewellery gift is that you can’t return it – this is because the jewellery is made for that specific person and isn’t part of the collections. Therefore you’d have to be quite sure of, which style and colors they like – and then again involve few friends to be sure you get it just right.