High Demand Jewellery

High Demand Jewellery

Our high demand jewellery designs are colourful and quirky whilst simultaneously classic and timeless. Maybe you’re looking for a treat for yourself or for your loved one – or maybe you’d like to commemorate a special occasion or goal you reached. The range of high demand jewellery is picked based on the design we sell the most, the ones we get the most inquiries on and colors and shapes our customers prefer over others – and of course in all colors of the rainbow.


High Demand Jewellery – one of a kind jewellery

The majority of our jewellery pieces are one of a kind. If you see something on our website there’s a high chance there is only one. However, we can recreate designs with similar lines, hues and styles – but with gemstones in different shapes, colors and sizes. This means that if you see a piece you love, but would prefer it with different colored gemstones, you can use our custom made service to create your dream ring. Just reach out to us here.

The one of a kind pieces all hold unique gemstones, and it is very rare to find two similar, colorful gems. We work with a wide variety of gemstones from sapphires, rubies and diamonds over to tourmalines, spinels, tsavorites and aquamarines.

Working with colorful gemstone jewellery gives you the great benefit of having a piece that no one else will have an identical version of. That is part of why our high demand jewellery for the majority is with colorful gemstones.

High Demand Jewellery

High Demand Jewellery Stack

Which pieces are usually high demand?

Our most high demand jewellery pieces are the cluster rings, the toi et moi rings and the colorful solitaire rings with diamonds in the band. All these three design types showcase various cuts and colors and have bigger gemstones in them. All three types of rings are used as both engagement rings and jewellery presents. We have also seen a big increase in people wanting to treat themselves with colorful jewellery pieces.

Another high demand jewellery piece is the wedding band – whether it is for men or for women. We have a selection of classic half eternity bands with diamonds or colorful gemstones (or a mix) as well as we have curved bands, wavy bands and playful bands perfect for stacking.

A third high demand jewellery piece is the ring stack – meaning two or more rings stacked on top of each other on the same finger. In this way you can mix and match various jewellery pieces and create new looks.


Contact us

If you are not sure which beautiful jewellery you should invest in, or if you need any kind of help or advice in terms of questions regarding our gemstones, ring sizes, stacking or other topics, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We’d love make sure you feel fully confident and comfortable when buying a piece of fine jewellery, and we’re here to help all the way.