Unique sapphire jewellery

Why choose sapphire jewellery?

Sapphie is a gemstone favorite at Anpé Atelier, and it’s the gemstone we work with the most. Therefore it surely has its own category on our website as well.

It makes us incredibly happy to see, that colors truly have found their way back to the jewellery scene – at Anpé Atelier we love colorful jewellery and it’s the essence of our brand. For the same reason sapphires are also our favorites gemstones to work with.

Sapphires come in a wide range of colors – from royal blue sapphire to vivid yellow and hot pink sapphires and over to more pastel hues and even white. Sapphire jewellery thereby truly meets all the colorful jewellery dream you may have. And on top of that sapphires reach a hardness on the Mohs Scale on 9 meaning it’s a very hard gemstone and has a great resistance to scratching and chipping. And it’s recommended for everyday wear.

Another advantage is that no two sapphires are alike, which means sapphire jewellery is unique and one of a kind. That also means that when you buy a piece of sapphire jewellery you’re getting a one of a kind piece, that no one else can create a 100 % identical edition of.

Sapphire birthstone and meaning

If you or your loved one is born in September you’re lucky, as sapphire is the birthstone of September. Birthstones are increasingly popular for alot of different jewellery pieces. Either as a beautiful treat for yourself holding the birthstone of yourself, partner, kids or other important people of your life – as well as they are popular in engagement rings, push presents and gifts.

Many associate sapphire with royalty, spirituality and love. Each color has a different meaning, but in general some people believe sapphires to be helpful in restoring balance in the body as well as it enhances confidence and helps you in communication.

Whether you believe in the more spiritual aspects of the sapphires is surely up to you – but there’s no doubt that birthstones are getting increasingly popular and that there’s something both meaningful and personal in using birthstones in your fine jewellery.

Facts about sapphires

Sapphires are found in a handful of locations around the world, and our sapphires mainly come from Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Madagascar is a relatively new area for mining, but despite that Madagascar has grown to become one of the leading sources in the world for colorful sapphires.

There are different and very special varities of sapphire, for example bi-color sapphire, color changing sapphire, padparadscha sapphire and star sapphire.

Sapphires fall under the gemstone category corundum – the same mineral as ruby. The only thing that separates sapphires from ruby is the color. Corundum can be equally or higher priced and valued compared to diamonds, as they are both rare, durable and one of a kind. And it’s the second hardest gemstone in the world – only diamonds are harder.

You can read much more about sapphires in our booklet right here.