Ring Stacks

Discover our selection of colorful gemstone ring stacks. From minimal and monochromatic to colorful and a little bit out there – there is something for everyone.

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Colorful stackable rings

Ring stacks have grown increasingly popular the past few years. Whether it’s a ring stack you continue to grow with individual pieces bought separately or a wedding ring stack with a combination of your engagement ring and wedding band – stackable rings are here to stay.


What to look for when you want your rings to stack together

When you buy stackable rings separately (meaning not at the same time), there are a few things to be aware of. First of all you need to be sure that the ring you have your eye on stacks well with other pieces. If you’re going for a ring with one or more center stones that are set low on the ring, you’ll usually need a fitting band to stack with, such as a wavy band, a V-shaped or U-shaped band or any other shape of band, that wraps around the stones.

If the center stone in your ring is set high, usually you can stack with classic straight bands, as there’s room underneath the center stone.

You can always see under “Details” for each Anpé ring, whether it’s stackable rings or if they require a fitted band.

If you’re not sure whether the two or more rings you have in mind can stack together, you are always welcome to reach out to us to get advice or recommendations.

Stackable rings with diamonds set in 18K yellow gold

Stackable rings with tsavorite, sapphires and diamonds set in 18K rose gold

Stackable rings with diamonds and gemstones

Anpé Atelier is a world of colors and diamonds, and all our rings have colorful gemstones and/or diamonds in them. When creating a ring stack you can approach it as a fun project with various topics. Maybe you’d like to go for a full diamond ring stack, or maybe you love colors so much that you’d like to incorporate the full rainbow in your ring stack?

You can also do colorblocking or create a ring stack with various hues within the same color.

The best part about stackable rings is that you can always mix and match different pieces and in turn get to wear a new ring stack every day.


Unique stackable rings

The majority of Anpé Atelier’s stackable rings are one of a kind when it comes to the pieces with larger gemstones in them. It is very rare that we come across two similar colorful gemstones, and you thereby have a fully unique ring stack on your hands.

If you have an idea in mind, but don’t see it come to life in one of our ready made pieces, you can also send us an e-mail to get the custom made process started. When ordering both rings for the ring stack at the same time, we can build the two rings around each other to make them stack perfectly.

When creating a custom made ring stack you get to choose colors and metals for the stackable rings as well as you can combine birthstones, favourite shapes and other wishes in to your very own dream ring stack.