The Best Push Presents: Fine Jewellery

Have you ever heard of a push present? A push present is a present that a partner, family member, or even the mother gives to herself to mark the occasion of her giving birth to her child. Of course, a new baby is a fantastic present on its own, but there’s no harm in giving extra thanks to your significant other with a little push present, because let’s face it… pregnancy and childbirth are no joke. At Anpé Atelier, there have been quite a few customers looking to buy push presents to represent their family and children. This piece will represent a life changing moment, and will be sure to be one of the most treasured and worn pieces of jewellery in your collection. Push presents can be jewelry that have the baby’s initials, a color to represent their gender, or anything that the mother absolutely loves! 

Here are some of our favorite pieces for push presents:

Lene Pink Necklace

The Lene necklace is 18 kt gold, with pink natural sapphires. Perfect for those giving birth to a baby girl and wanting to represent that through their necklace. This piece looks lovely layered with other necklaces, as well.

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Sarah Lil Yellow Mix

A 14kt yellow gold band, adorned with diamonds and pink and yellow sapphires. This ring is great if you want to represent each individual in your new little family with different colors, for example, two yellow stones for the parents, and one pink for your baby.

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Malene Ring

Go with something small and elegant, like something from our Malene series, if you’re looking for a minimalistic piece. They come in 5 different colors, which can represent gender, birth month, or just your favorite color. Our Malene rings are 14 kt. gold come in three different sizes.

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Customized Pink ring

Alternatively, you can go with an absolute standout piece to represent this new chapter of your life. This ring is 18 kt. white gold with a stunning baby pink sapphire, adorned with VS diamonds.

Bespoke Designs here

Customized Josephine Bracelet

This was a customized push present for a woman, who was having a baby boy. The bracelet is 18 kt. gold with blue sapphires.

Design your bespoke piece here

Customized Mint ring

This stunner was designed as a push present for a customer who was looking for something to treat herself with. She decided on this vibrant, mint green tsavorite stone as it was something she personally loved and would represent an incredible memory.

Bespoke design here

Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are another sentimental way to represent the birth of your baby. Each month in the year has a specific stone to represent it. Read our blog post on the different birthstones from month to month here. These Marie rings are similar to the Malene styles, but have a little extra something with the three small diamonds on the band.

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Design Your Own Ring

Create your own personalized item to create the piece of your dreams, because you certainly deserve it! Pick your own unique gemstone to put into an existing design, or create your own. This ring is a bespoke version of the Varnaya rings. The customer wanted each stone and color to represent her family of four. How sweet!

Design your bespoke piece here

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