Written by Poppy

At Anpé Atelier, we are crazy about stacking our rings. We take the viewpoint of the more rings, the more colors, the more shapes, the better.

Ring stacks are the perfect way to take your jewellery obsession to the next level, by giving you the creative freedom to layer your favourite pieces together. Different colored metals, different colored gemstones, different shapes and different settings all add to the perfect construction of a beautifully stacked handful of rings.

Ring stacking allows you to show the world that you’re not afraid to be playful with your style, and is the perfect way to create an effortless, cool and unique look.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite ways to stack Anpé Atelier rings.

Color Blocking

If you’re someone who likes to have a cohesive look, whilst still having a bit of variation when it comes to ring stacks, then try color blocking. With color blocking, you pick your favourite color and stick with it.

In here we’ve stacked different blues in a color blocking and horizontal stack between Nil Pata ringMarie ringMalene Blue Sapphire 3.5 ring and Hima Ayis ring.

The Horizontal Stack

Ring stacking doesn’t just have to be rings stacked up one finger. Add lots of different style rings to each finger to create a beautiful and creative horizontal stack. The style of rings can vary from a statement ring on each finger, to a mix of dainty, simple rings, mixed with larger pieces. The style possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Don’t be afraid to play with different styles and colors and to wear loads of rings on one hand – it all contributes to your very own look.

In this horizontal stack we’ve mixed our Lupayak ringDiyamanti Kava ring and Sudu Nil ring.

Stack your wedding band

Wedding ring traditions vary from country to country, however, generally a lot of women like to stack their engagement ring with their wedding band. The best way to create the perfect wedding stack is by finding rings that physically fit into one another, as a way to create an all around cohesive look. 

The options of stacking these rings are almost limitless. You can choose a simple wedding band or one with loads of gems added (like our Sarah Lil rings) or you can create your very own wedding band, that matches and stacks perfectly with your engagement ring.

For example we created this incredible customized wedding and engagement ring with 18 kt. yellow gold, diamonds, and bright yellow sapphires. Because the idea of stacking was kept in mind, we were able to create a wedding band with yellow and baby pink sapphires surrounded by diamonds, that slides perfectly underneath the engagement ring. The result was a gorgeous and elegant ring stack.

Keeping It Simple

As they say, there is beauty in simplicity. For those who are interested in something more modest, find rings that are of a more dainty and delicate style, such as thinner bands and smaller gemstones. It is still possible to create a beautiful stack that can be simple and neat.

Influencer Anna Winck has here stacked her very own customized green version of Hima Ayis ring next to Sarah Lil Green and Sarah Lil Pure Pink.

Another great and elegant way to stack rings in a simplistic way is to combine solitaire rings, like here, where all our Malene rings are stacked with eachother. All are so perfect for stacking either together or with your other favourite ring designs. Malene rings come with emeralds, blue sapphires, aquamarines, diamonds and pink sapphires, and you can mix and match different sizes and colors.

Embracing Different Colors and Shapes

Anpé Atelier never shies away from experimenting with colors, which is why we are all for creating stacks that mix different colored gemstones, metals, shapes and settings.

As mentioned our Malene rings are perfect for mixing, matching and stacking, as the gemstones come in different sizes, and when layered, create a colorful, unique and symmetrical look.

Same goes for our Sarah Lil rings, which are perfect for colorful stacking – even together with the Malene rings or in combination with your other favourite ring designs.

A beautiful, yet simple stack between Sarah Lil Blue MixSarah Lil ChampagneSarah Lil Pink and Sarah Lil Green.

Both Sarah Lil rings and Malene rings are incredible for stacking with other styles, like here, where it is combined with the Lupayak ring and Josephine ring.

You can see loads of stacking options and ideas on our Instagram and Pinterest, where we update you daily with news and inspiration.