Colorful sapphire pendants

Our team

Anpé Atelier is a small brand run by three creative and colorful women. Meet them here.

Our team



Izabela has been part of the Anpé team since 2022 and mainly works with designing, creating gem mixes for the Varnaya series and creating CADs for both collection and custom made pieces. She’s very much inspired by bright and saturated colors and likes to keep her jewellery design playful.

Favourite gemstone: Tourmalines due to the variety of colors and because of the watermelon and bi-color effect.

Our team


Marketing Lead

With a love for fine jewellery and brand design, Poppy has worked for Anpé Atelier since 2018 and runs our social media channels. She has a passion for creating an online community, where fine jewellery can be fun and unique yet still classy and extravagant.

Favorite gemstone: Diamond due to the impressive sparkles – but with blue sapphires coming in a close second.

Our team


Founder and Designer

Line founded Anpé Atelier in 2017 with a clear vision of making fine jewellery more fun, playful and colorful – and making the purchase of an important piece of fine jewellery less stiff and more creative.

Line is the head designer at Anpé Atelier and holds meetings internationally, virtually and in the showroom in Copenhagen. She is behind the design portion of the business – from gemstone sourcing from our supplier, creating gems mixes for various styles, generating the design lines of both collection and custom made pieces, and creating all the initial sketches in hand.

Favorite gemstone: Sapphire due to the wide variety of colors and fun personalities – and because it has an excellent hardness and durability making it ideal for everyday wear.