Anpé Atelier doesn’t have a pile of jewellery lying in the showroom – all pieces are either unique or made per order. Every single piece is therefore created specifically for you, and you can order all styles in exactly the color you wish for.


In this way overproduction and waste is avoided – and every single piece of jewellery becomes exactly as per your dream.


Anpé Atelier is the creation of sustainable fashion in the sense that it can and will exist forever. It is our goal to put an end to the “use-and-toss”-mentality of the modern world. We work solely with solid gold and gemstones – this secures that the jewellery is of high quality and will never perish and can be passed on through generations.


All of our gemstones are handpicked and comes directly from the mines. The gemstones are mainly from mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar owned by our very close collaborator – in this way we secure that the gemstones are ethically mined and under good conditions for the people working there.

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