The Ultimate Sapphire Buying Guide

Let’s Talk About Sapphires:

Sapphires tend to have a reputation of being a traditional royal blue gemstone used in classic or historic fine jewellery – however this is really not the case.

Sapphires come in an incredible and vast array of colors, hues and tones and are ranked almost as high on the Moh’s Hardness Scale as diamonds are. They make an excellent gemstone to use in fine jewellery due to their durability and lustrous appearance. They have been sought after for centuries and have been used within royal jewellery collections across the world. Sapphires can be commonly found across the world from regions such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, China, among other places.  

These unique stones come in every tone and color known, and unknown, to man. Once polished and cut, they become a truly one-of-a-kind, alluring stone that is ready to be added to a gorgeous design. 

Here is a quick blog post on what to look for when buying sapphires! Find and download the full booklet here.

Color, Color, Color!

Color is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing the sapphire that is right for you. 

What some people don’t realize is, sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow – not just blue. 

All natural sapphires are truly incredible, as their colors naturally occur through the work of mother nature. A stone’s color is determined by the specific chemical makeup through the presenceof different trace elements, such as titanium or chronium.

The amazing thing about sapphires is that you will able to find any color with any specific shade, hue or tone that you are looking for! 


A sapphire’s clarity grade refers to the relative absence of inclusions, fractures, and blemishes that affect its appearance and structural integrity. 

These are things that are stuck inside the sapphire and cause some sort of blemish to the look of the stone. 

Sapphires almost always have some sort of inclusion in them. Sometime these can be unseen to the naked eye and other times it can be easily visible without a magnifine glass.

When buying a sapphire you should try and look for something that has a good clarity grade, as well as being visually appealing to your own eye. 


Cut is the next important thing to look for when buying a sapphire. 

The cut is what allows the brilliance and beauty to pour through in a stone. It is important to view your sapphire in the light to see the varying facets and the symmetry with which it has been cut.

Gem cutters have an incredible way of creating facets and surfaces that optimise the quality of light that passes through each gemstone into your eyes.

There are many different cuts and shapes that sapphires come in. When buying your sapphire you should choose the cut that resonates best with you.

A sapphire’s cut truly comes down to what you like aesthetically. However, you should look for a cut that has precision, symmetry and quality in mind. The better the quality of cut, the brighter and sparklier the stone.


The size of a gemstone is generally measured by weight in the metric known as carats. A sapphire and a diamond’s weight are measured in the same way. 

Traditionally, when purchasing a loose gem, the cost is given as a per-carat price and as the weight of a carat increases, so does the cost.

When purchasing a sapphire, it is important to figure out what size you are looking for. 

Milestone weights, such as .25ct, .50ct, 1ct, etc, are the most popular sizes of stones.

When buying a sapphire, carat weight is important to think about because this will determine the size and price of the stone. Keep not only your aesthetic in mind, but also your budget.


Treatments are used within the gemstone industry to change a specific trait of a stone. 

Heat treaments are one of the most common treatments. This alters the appearance of a sapphire’s color and quality. It removes inclusions and im- proves a sapphire’s hue and saturation. This affects a sapphire’s color grade, which could be considered one specific grade before treatment, but can jump up to a higher grade afterward.

An unheated sapphire is simply a sapphire that has not undergone this heat treatment, meaning the color and quality is of untreated origin. 

Other treatments include latice diffusion, which also artificially changes a stone’s color. 

A vast majority of the stones from Anpé Atelier are unheated and professional certificate is always provided which gives information on what exactly has or has not been done to the gemstone.

Overall, finding a sapphire that is treated or untreated is entirely up to you! It depends on whether you prefer to have a completely untreated stone or not. Either way, you are sure to end up with an incredibly beautiful sapphire.

Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstones are incredibly popular when it comes to picking out jewellery for ourselves or a loved one. It gives instant meaning to the piece by signifying the month we were born. The story behind the origination of birthstones dates back to the breastplate of Aaron, which was adorned with twelve different gemstones, representing the signs of the zodiac and 12 Israeli tribes. Since then, the National Association of Jewelers has created a modern list for the different months and birthstones. Each stone has an incredibly rich history and symbolism to different civilizations and time periods.

At Anpé Atelier Cph we use semi-precious and precious gemstones with a high hardness on the Mohs Scale. Using these stones that are well suited for fine jewellery ensures that we are creating pieces, that will last a lifetime and more.

Read our blog post on “The Colorful World Of Gemstones,” to get more information and facts on the different stones.

January: Tsavorite

The January birthstone is garnet, and thereunder tsavorite. Tsavorites were discovered in 1967 in Tanzania and range from varying deep to light green hues. With a hardness of 7.5, they are similar to emeralds, but are much more durable and brilliant and has no inclusions.

Shop the Harita ring.

February: Amethyst

The February birthstone is Amethyst. These stones comes in a variety of purple tones. They have a hardness of 7 and below, meaning they aren’t as durable as other stones. At Anpé we work with precious gemstones that have a high hardness on the Mohs Scale, as they are much more resitant to scratches and thereby everyday wear. Amethysts can be found in a range of places such as Sri Lanka, Brazil and Siberia.

Design your own piece of jewellery here.

March: Aquamarine

The March birthstone is the beautiful Aquamarine. This stone is sourced from various places – Sri Lanka and Madagascar amongst others. Aquamarine is the latin word for seawater, which fits its stunning light, crystal blue color perfectly. It has a hardness of 7.5-8, making it a perfect, durable ring that will last a lifetime.

Shop Malene Aquamarine 3.5 ring.

April: Diamond

The April birthstone is the classic diamond. Diamonds are a true symbol of deep love, as they have been used in engagement and wedding bands for years. Most natural diamonds have ages between 1-3.5 billion years and is the hardest material on the Mohs Scale.

Shop Josephine Diamond ring.

May: Emerald

The May birthstone is the prized Emerald. This stone certainly has been a cherished stone throughout history to many different civilizations. The price of emerald is high – in fact depending on size, it can be two to three times as valuable as a diamond. Holding a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, it is a hard stone, but emeralds also often comes with many inclusions, that can make them quite fragile.

Shop Malene Emerald 3.5 ring.

June: Pearl

The June birthstone is the pearl. June actually has two other stones that represent its month, which are Alexandrite and Moonstone. Pearls have been treasured for thousands of years and have become a classic piece of jewellery for one’s collection. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Design your own piece of pearl jewellery.

July: Ruby

The July birthstone is the royal ruby. Rubies have been the symbol of royalty for centuries and ranges from pink to blood-red hues. Rubies are made of corundum – same as sapphires. It reaches a 9.0 for hardness on the Mohs Scale making it very durable – exactly like sapphires.

Design your own ruby ring.

August: Spinel

The August birthstone is Spinel. The name is said to come from the latin word for thorn, as spinel’s are normally found in sharp crystal forms. Spinel reaches 8 on the Mohs scale, making it a very hard and durable gemstone. They come in various colors ranging from red, pink, blue, lavender/violet, dark green, brown, black or colorless.

Shop Anduru ring.

September: Sapphire

The September birthstone is the effervescent sapphire. Most people believe that sapphires only come in a rich blue color, however this is far from the truth. Sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow, and can even come as color changing or bi-colored. A majority of Anpé’s designs use an array of different colored sapphires. It is certainly one of our favorite stones and holds a solid 9 on the Mohs scale – making it the second hardest and most durable gemstone in the world.

Shop Kaha Kirana ring.

October: Tourmaline

The October birthstone is tourmaline, along with opal. Tourmalines were first discovered off the coast of West Italy, however they can be found in Madagascar, Brazil, the United States and the Middle East. The gemstone comes in a variety of colors, however pink and green is the most popular color for jewellery. Tourmalines have a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

Shop Pici Mala ring or create your own version.

November: Citrine

The November birthstone is Citrine. Anpé Atelier has not currently designed any pieces with Citrine, however it does bode a yellow, brown and orange color. Citrine was very popular in the 19th century for many Art Deco jewellery designs, however it is used far less now as it is a very common and cheaper stone.

December: Zircon

The December birthstone is zircon, along with tanzanite and turquoise. Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth and Madagascar, Sri Lanka and other places. It has a hardness of up to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Zircon is quite rare, making it a popular stone to use in fine jewellery and comes in a variety of colors.

Design your own piece of Zircon jewellery.

Custom Jewellery – The Process

Approximately 80 % of the jewellery, I create, is customized jewellery created for that one special person, who either wants to celebrate her or himself, wants to pop the big question or wishes to treat a loved one with a personalized piece of jewellery. I love creating bespoke pieces, as this allows me to be creative together with the customer and make a piece, that is made exactly from that persons dreams and wishes.

Are you looking to create a unique, custom piece for yourself or a loved one? Then here’s a short introduction to the customization process. 

Step 1 – Gemstone

First step is to pick the gemstone, you’ve always dreamt of in the perfect color, shape and cut. Start by letting me know your budget and what wishes you have regarding gem, size and color, and I’ll send you suggestions for beautiful gems. We have a beautiful stock of sapphires, tsavorites, tourmalines and spinels in our showroom, and on top of that we work closely together with our gem-supplier, who is sourcing specifically for your need as well.

Step 2 – Design 

Next step is discussing the design in which you want the gemstone set. We create designs completely from scratch and will sketch suggestions in hand for you based on your wishes. If you see an Anpé design, that you like, but wish to get it with a different stone, color, metal or want to add or delete few details to make the design your own, that is possible as well.

Step 3 – CAD and computer graphic

Once you’ve decided on a design, we will create a CAD and computer graphic for you, so that you have the absolute best way of visualizing the finished design, before saying “go”.

Step 4 – Production

Once you’ve proved the design based on the CAD and computer graphic, the creation of your special piece will start. Expect a delivery time of 4-6 weeks from approving the CAD to delivery of your bespoke jewellery.

If you’re interested in seeing examples of other customers customized jewellery pieces, you can click here. Soon you will be able to design your own ring by mixing and matching gemstones and designs directly on the Anpé website as well. Stay tuned <3

Anpé People – Anna Winck

Introducing Anna Winck

Any nicknames? Wincken!

Occupation? Freelance stylist and content creator. 

3 things that describes you? Always close to laughter,  believer in love and a bit anxious. 

3 things that describes your style? Vintage, color and childish. 

Any guilty pleasures? Swedish chocolate Lindt and toast with loooads of butter, cheese and sea salt. 

What have made you the most proud? When my sister left her husband to be, after she caught him being unfaithful. My sister is my everything. Ever since our dad passed away, when we were 8 and 10 years old, we have literally grown together. My sister and her husband had just bought their dream house and were getting married the next month. We had the dress and everything was planned for the rest of their lives. If you end up in a situation like that, everyone think, the solution is obvious. But it’s not – you’re giving up your “life”, as you know it. 

At what times are you the most happy? When I’m with my friends, drinking coffee for hours, laughing – and when I’m with my family, having dinner and feeling safe.

You have rapidly become immensely popular on the Scandinavian fashion scene – what makes you stand out? I honestly have NO idea. Maybe it’s my “tattooed” style – it seems to create a massive interest from my followers. I’m super grateful for all the love I’ve received in such short time. 

How are you keeping sane and happy in a crazy time of COVID-19? I’m out power walking a lot, and I go for a morning swim every single day. I try to make the most of every “little” situation of the day.  Like making every cup of coffee in the morning special. And I’m reading loads books and enjoying crosswords. 

Anna Winck on Style

What is your go to key items? Acupressure mat, sunglasses and face/hand lotion. 

What item in your wardrobe do you use the most? My oversized blue blazer. 

Have you always been so colorful? Yes! My colorful vintage style started already at the age of 14-15 years old. 

What is the inspiration behind your style? I get a bit inspired by everything and everyone, I guess – it might be a cliché, but it’s true. My inspiration comes from cartoons, any movie at all (Pretty woman), magazines, and of course my favourite inspiring girls on Instagram, Hanna MW, Blanca Miro, Anna Sarlvit, Simone Noa Hedal, Reese Blutstein and Courtney Trop.

How would you describe your aesthetic? I would say my aesthetic is all-sided and versatile. I like the Forrest Gump quote: “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know, what you’re gonna get”. One day I’m dressed as a school girl, another day I’m all in for oversized sweatpants and hoodie, the third day wearing pencil skirt and scarf. 

What is your favourite color to wear? Green. No blue! Or pink, Ahhh I can’t choose. 

If you were a color, which one would you be? Pink! 

What is your advice in terms of being more courageous with colors?I would start with small things. Maybe a colorful accessorizing. A ring, earring or maybe necklace. A hairclip.

Anna Winck on Jewellery

What are your tips for starting your fine jewellery collection? I love fine jewellery, and if you feel the same, I would start saving little bits here and there – maybe to buy a beautiful ring from you to you. Also look for vintage jewellery pieces in solid gold, maybe something from your grandparents, that has a special meaning. Then start stacking. I love the idea of being a collector. And it’s so nice to relate a type of jewellery to a birthday, special day or special person in your life. 

What are your tips for styling your jewellery? I LOVE the mix between feminine and masculine jewellery. I love to have chunky bracelets combined with a feminine diamond ring. I think that’s what is making each and every piece of my jewellery stand out. 

What do you look for when picking out jewellery? Every morning I put on all of my rings and – depending on what mood I’m in – I go from there. Do I feel happy and colorful today? If yes, then I go with my playful and quirky rings combined with my favourite Anpé rings.

Do you always go for the same style, when it comes to jewellery or do you like mixing different styles? I love to mix feminine and masculine jewellery. I really think it goes so nicely together.  

Why did you choose Anpé as your fine jewellery brand? It was actually really love at first sight. Anpé is just as colorful as me, so the brand feels like a match made in heaven to me. I love to find a small fine jewellery brand like Anpé, and it feels so much more special to wear jewellery from a small brand instead of the obvious big brands. 

How do you style your Anpé pieces? The more the merrier. I’m always wearing my 2 Sarah Lil Pink and Green mix together with my customized Hima Ayis green ring. And I’m dreaming of adding the Josephine ring to the collection one day. 

Why did you choose these specific Anpé pieces? My customized green ring means so much to me. I got it as my “single ring”, and it symbolizes the strength I had after getting out of a not so great relationship. I felt strong on my own for the first time in my life. For the Sarah Lil Pink and Green I absolutely love the combination of simplicity and beauty mixed in these delicate rings. 

Anna Winck on Copenhagen

What are some of your favourite things about Copenhagen?That people are so super friendly. The fashion. The te-birkes. Always close to a wine-stop. Everything in Copenhagen and Denmark is HYGGE! 

What are your favourite spots in Copenhagen? Lille Bakery. Sonny Cph, Apollo, Beau Marche!

What are some of your favourite Danish fashion brands? Stine Goya, Hosbjerg, Resume Cph, Cecilie Bahnsen, Saks Potts and Ganni.  

Any exciting upcoming projects? A very exciting design collab with a colorful Copenhagen based fine jewellery brand 😉 

Check out Anna’s amazing daily colorsplashes here.

How To Build Your Own Fine Jewellery Collection

Buying fine jewellery is a long term investment, and if you’re looking to start a jewellery collection, don’t settle for the most affordable choice. When picking jewellery, you’ll definitely want high quality, and that only comes with fine jewellery. It is more expensive indeed, but it is worth every penny.

Fine jewellery is used to describe jewellery made out of precious metals and often times it consists precious and semi-precious gemstones as well. At Anpé Atelier we use only solid gold in 14kt and 18kt, which are hard metals, that won’t break with normal wear. If something should happen to your piece, the hard metal makes it is easy to repair and rework.

While solid gold pieces can be expensive, it is well worth the investment to have something stunning that lasts a lifetime, and can be passed down through generations. On top of that, it more than holds the value throughout time.

Here are some ways to start your own personal fine jewellery collection (but really, there are no rules, so go nuts, if you’re all comfortable):

1. Know what you like and don’t mind other people’s opinion
Everyone’s taste is different from each other, and the fun part about building a fine jewellery collection and investing in high quality pieces is, that you can wear it every day and be all happy about it, when glancing down at it.

2. Start off with a small piece first
Just to get started and to feel the difference between having a fine jewellery piece and a fashion jewellery piece. 

3. Go after something, that matches your style from the beginning
And choose something that you can see yourself wear for many years! Style and taste is different from person to person, and only you will know, what matches you and your colorful self. 

4. Wish for jewellery for special occasions
A great way to slowly build your own personal fine jewellery collection is to wish for fine jewellery for special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, graduations and anniversaries. Having a special moment attached to a piece of jewellery brings more incentive to wear and show it off, as well as keep it for a lifetime. 

5. Treat yourself
And speaking of special occasions, treat yourself with fine jewellery to celebrate yourself. Fine jewellery doesn’t require a special occasion or someone else giving it to you. It can also be amazing to treat yourself with a special piece – just because you deserve it, have reached a personal goal in your life, gone through a hard time or simply because you’re in love with a piece and want to make yourself happy with it.

6. Mix and match
Depending on your style, try to find pieces that you can wear together! Find rings that look great next to each other or stacked on top of each other so you can pair them wherever you go, and whenever you feel like it. Mixing and matching multiple earrings on your ear is also a great way to add some extra sparkle and color.

7. One of a kind
Once you have a few key pieces in your collection, start to venture towards a unique, one of a kind and stunning piece – maybe even a customized piece, you’re doing for yourself. Though this is an investment piece, it adds a stunning look to your style, and you can easily wear your unique pieces together with your other amazing jewellery pieces.

8. Add color
Don’t be afraid to add some color to your jewellery. Many people think that investing in fine jewellery means only gold and diamonds. At Anpé Atelier, diamonds come second to stunningly unique and colorful gemstones, primarily sapphires, tourmalines, tsavorites and spinels. The colors are truly endless for gemstones to choose from, meaning anyone can find a color that suits them. Colorful pieces are rare and unique in the fine jewellery industry, so investing in one will make for a great talking piece and something you won’t see anyone else having.

The World of Colorful Gemstones

Anpé Atelier is a world of colors, and we’re on a mission to make fine jewellery way more colorful and playful. Anpé Atelier is challenging the traditional fine jewellery mindset and changes the focus from diamonds to colorful sapphires and other colored gemstones. Diamonds can still be found in Anpé designs, however they will always be secondary to the colorful gems.

We absolutely LOVE colorful gemstones, and since it’s the primary part of Anpé jewellery, we wanted to introduce you to the 6 gemstone species, we mainly work with.


Sapphire is the absolute main stone, we’re working with. The reason can be found in two incredible features: First of all sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow, which most people are actually not aware of. A lot of people think sapphire is mainly blue or pink, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can find it incredible green, sparkling yellow, clean white,  beautiful brown, ocean like teals, insane purple and of course incredible blue and amazing pink.

Some sapphires holds a mix of colors, and they are called bicolored sapphires.

A very rare and valuable sapphire comes in form of the padparadscha sapphire, which has an incredibly beautiful orange pink color. And another rare and crazy version of the sapphire is the colorchanging sapphire, which displays different colors depending on the light it’s in.

On top of that sapphires have incredible hardness, durability and luster, which makes it an excellent choice for everyday jewellery. It’s the second hardest gemstone in the world – only overruled by diamonds.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September.


Another very colorful gemstone is the tourmaline, and it holds an incredibly wide variety of beautiful colors. It is a semi-precious gemstone, and bicolored and multi colored effects are not unusual. You can even get watermelon tourmalines, which hold a green color at one end and pink at the other. Oh, how nature works, right!

We work mainly with pink and green tourmalines in different pink and green varieties in a class by themselves. The amazing colors and a good hardness are the main reasons, why we love this gemstone so much.

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October.


Tsavorites are a variety of garnet, but pricewise it lies way higher than other garnets. Tsavorites hold amazing green colors ranging from light green to green and over to dark and deep green. It is much rarer than emeralds, and lately it is often preferred over emeralds. Emeralds often have loads of inclusions, that can make them rather fragile, whereas tsavorites has a good toughness.

Tsavorites are therefore much more resistant to breakage compared to emerald, and they have no inclusions. Often tsavorites are not treated either, whereas emeralds usually are treated with oils. It is therefore a preferred gemstone, as it is durable enough for all types of jewellery – if you treat them properly.

As tsavorite is a variety of garnet, it is the birthstone of January.


Spinel is also (surprise) a semiprecious gemstone, that comes in so many different colors. Spinel is actually colorless from natures hand, but they hold impurities, and these impurities give the beautiful gemstone a wide variety of colors.

The most famous spinel holds a very deep red, that is very close to ruby – and it can be pretty difficult to tell to two apart. Blood red spinels are actually even more rare than ruby in the same color range.

However you can also find spinels in yellow, pink, blue, white etc., but we work mainly with the deep black and blue-black spinels, as these have the most insane deep black and sometimes blue black colors.

Spinel is the birthstone of August.


Incredible rubies are most famed as the bright red gemstone, that holds both bright color, luster, rarity, hardness and durability.

Ruby actually is from the same family (Corundum) as sapphire, and the only thing that separates rubies and sapphires are the color. Sapphires don’t come in red – when they do, they are called rubies. This means, that sapphire and ruby are identical in all their properties, except from color.

Ruby is the birthstone of July.

Anpé Gems

All of our gemstones are handpicked and carefully selected. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure, that the gemstones are ethically sourced under good conditions for the people working there.

If you’re looking to do a bespoke piece with a birthstone, a favourite color or a favourite gem, send us an e-mail at line@anpeateliercph.com – we love to make your colorful dreams come true. For more inspiration you can also check out our Instagram or Pinterest profiles.


Jewellery Trends 2020

Anpé Atelier is all about slow fashion creating styles and pieces that last for a lifetime. However, it is still interesting for us to have a look at new mixes, combos and colors trending and use them in our own way.

Mismatched and Single Earrings

Mismatched and single earrings were found on the runways of fashion week for spring/summer 2020. Investing in this style allows you to create a formation that is uniquely yours. Purchase a single stud for your second, third or fourth earring hole or mismatch hoops with dangle and drop styles. 

Our tiny Malene ear studs are perfect for mismatching or styling alone. They are sold as singles but can be paired together with different colors, styles and shapes. 

Use it with bigger colorful hoops or create a line of colorful hoops all the up your
ear. A combo between Malene Diamond Stud and our Josephine rainbow hoops is the perfect colorful, yet distinct match.

Or you can choose to pair the rainbow hoops with our edgy Jamie earrings with triangle shaped tsavorites set in 14kt. yellow gold.

Colorful gemstones

Bringing some color to your style via jewellery is slowly but surely a rising trend, and will become even more popular in 2020. Colorful jewellery was all over the Spring 2020 New York Fashion Week runways, from designers like Brandon Maxwell and Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Marc Fast.

It’s all about embracing a more playful, standout yet effortless style through gorgeous, vivid colors.

We are all about colors at Anpé Atelier, so there is plenty to pick from to satisfy this up and coming trend.


Jewellery adorned with fabulous pearls are still going strong for 2020, which is something we are very excited about. Pearls were found on the New York runways of designers such as Jason Wu, Tory Burch, Anna Sui, and Tasaki Atelier by Prabal Gurung.

We don’t have any pearls in our collection as of yet, however we have just purchased some incredible, sustainably sourced pearls. And currently the first few sketches for incredible pearl designs are in the making.

We will be be releasing our first pearl designs in 2020.

How To Create the Perfect Ring Stacks

At Anpé Atelier, we are crazy about stacking our rings. We take the viewpoint of the more rings, the more colors, the more shapes, the better.

Ring stacks are the perfect way to take your jewellery obsession to the next level, by giving you the creative freedom to layer your favourite pieces together. Different colored metals, different colored gemstones, different shapes and different settings all add to the perfect construction of a beautifully stacked handful of rings.

Ring stacking allows you to show the world that you’re not afraid to be playful with your style, and is the perfect way to create an effortless, cool and unique look.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite ways to stack Anpé Atelier rings.

Color Blocking

If you’re someone who likes to have a cohesive look, whilst still having a bit of variation when it comes to ring stacks, then try color blocking. With color blocking, you pick your favourite color and stick with it.

In here we’ve stacked different blues in a color blocking and horizontal stack between Nil Pata ring, Marie ring, Malene Blue Sapphire 3.5 ring and Hima Ayis ring.

The Horizontal Stack

Ring stacking doesn’t just have to be rings stacked up one finger. Add lots of different style rings to each finger to create a beautiful and creative horizontal stack. The style of rings can vary from a statement ring on each finger, to a mix of dainty, simple rings, mixed with larger pieces. The style possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Don’t be afraid to play with different styles and colors and to wear loads of rings on one hand – it all contributes to your very own look.

In this horizontal stack we’ve mixed our Lupayak ring, Diyamanti Kava ring and Sudu Nil ring.

Stack your wedding band

Wedding ring traditions vary from country to country, however, generally a lot of women like to stack their engagement ring with their wedding band. The best way to create the perfect wedding stack is by finding rings that physically fit into one another, as a way to create an all around cohesive look. 

The options of stacking these rings are almost limitless. You can choose a simple wedding band or one with loads of gems added (like our Sarah Lil rings) or you can create your very own wedding band, that matches and stacks perfectly with your engagement ring.

For example we created this incredible customized wedding and engagement ring with 18 kt. yellow gold, diamonds, and bright yellow sapphires. Because the idea of stacking was kept in mind, we were able to create a wedding band with yellow and baby pink sapphires surrounded by diamonds, that slides perfectly underneath the engagement ring. The result was a gorgeous and elegant ring stack.

Keeping It Simple

As they say, there is beauty in simplicity. For those who are interested in something more modest, find rings that are of a more dainty and delicate style, such as thinner bands and smaller gemstones. It is still possible to create a beautiful stack that can be simple and neat.

Influencer Anna Winck has here stacked her very own customized green version of Hima Ayis ring next to Sarah Lil Green and Sarah Lil Pure Pink.

Another great and elegant way to stack rings in a simplistic way is to combine solitaire rings, like here, where all our Malene rings are stacked with eachother. All are so perfect for stacking either together or with your other favourite ring designs. Malene rings come with emeralds, blue sapphires, aquamarines, diamonds and pink sapphires, and you can mix and match different sizes and colors.

Embracing Different Colors and Shapes

Anpé Atelier never shies away from experimenting with colors, which is why we are all for creating stacks that mix different colored gemstones, metals, shapes and settings.

As mentioned our Malene rings are perfect for mixing, matching and stacking, as the gemstones come in different sizes, and when layered, create a colorful, unique and symmetrical look.

Same goes for our Sarah Lil rings, which are perfect for colorful stacking – even together with the Malene rings or in combination with your other favourite ring designs.

A beautiful, yet simple stack between Sarah Lil Blue Mix, Sarah Lil Champagne, Sarah Lil Pink and Sarah Lil Green.

Both Sarah Lil rings and Malene rings are incredible for stacking with other styles, like here, where it is combined with the Lupayak ring and Josephine ring.

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2020 Engagement Ring Trends

With the new year rapidly approaching, we couldn’t wait to talk about the new engagement ring trends coming about in 2020. “Trendy” probably wouldn’t be the first thing one would look for in a ring to be worn for a lifetime, as trends come and go, however, looking at what cuts and shapes are popular at the moment doesn’t hurt. 

Below we’ve listed trends we love and will be seeing all throughout 2020! 

Colorful Gemstones:

There’s no doubt that Anpé Atelier is a fan of colorful jewellery, so it is no surprise that gemstones would be first on our list. Women have started shying away from diamonds and looking towards something more unique and one of a kind, like sapphires, personal birthstones, emeralds, aquamarines, rubies and so much more.

Everything we work with at Anpé has a splash of color on it. We love creating classic style engagement rings that have a colorful twist, such as our Nalaya ring, that has a light yellow sapphire, creating sort of a color changing effect, set in an 18kt rose gold band, adorned with VS diamonds. 

Or our incredible Sudu Nil ring, that brings about huge Princess Diana vibes. It is a natural blue sapphire surrounded by VS diamonds and set in an 18kt white gold band.

Celebrities from Halle Berry to Mariah Carey has been sporting their colorful and unique gemstone engagement rings for some time now, see here

The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring:

The emerald cut engagement ring has been slowly growing in popularity over the past years. However, coming up in 2020, it is expected that this cut will reign in popularity in the new year. Brides are moving away from the round cut style, to a larger looking shapes such as emerald cuts and oval shapes.

This style of cut creates a striking flash of light and truly stands out against other traditional cuts, such as round or cushion shapes. The exquisite shape of the emerald cut elongates any wearers finger, to create an incredibly flattering and elegant style. This unique aesthetic can be found on the fingers of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 

Our Anduru ring is a perfect example of the emerald cut, and is perfect for an engagement ring. It is made from 18kt. yellow gold, with a natural unheated black blue spinel (3.08ct.), accompanied by a rough band, adorned by a scatter of VS diamonds (0.03ct.)

Some other emerald cut ring styles from Anpé Atelier include Rosa Malava, Nil Pata, and Sanré

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings have certainly been popular in the past, however, in 2020, this style is expected to be one of the most coveted by women. This could be from the surge of celebrities, such as Hailey Baldwin and Blake Lively, wearing such a style. 

The oval shape is an incredibly beautiful option, as it is an elongated and soft version of the popular round engagement ring. This style lengthens the wearers finger, while the ring appears larger than it is, due to an increased surface area. 

Our Ovala Kara ring is the perfect example of the oval ring in action. It is made from 18kt. yellow gold with a natural unheated pink tourmaline and VS diamonds throughout the rough band. 

Some other oval shape rings from Anpé Atelier include our Alokaya ring and Lupayak ring. 

Bespoke Engagement Rings

We have noticed a sure rise in the demand for bespoke engagement rings from our customers at Anpé Atelier. It is the perfect way to create exactly what you’ve always dreamed of having. This is something that we enjoy doing the most. 

“I’ve noticed many people come to me looking for a bespoke engagement ring because they are looking for something that no one else has and is completely personal to them,” Line says. “People are looking to put their own touch on the design and also be involved in the process.”

Whether it be picking your favorite gemstone, fusing classic and modern designs together, or even using family jewels to create your bespoke wedding ring, the result will always be one of a kind.

Contact us through Facebook, Instagram or email if you have any special wishes or color preferences for your engagement ring! Check out our Pinterest for engagement and wedding inspiration.

Meet Line – the head designer and founder of Anpé Atelier


Anpé Atelier was founded in 2017, and as you may have noticed, the brand is all about colors. The idea of founding a jewellery brand took its baby steps in 2015 after a travel to Sri Lanka, where I fell completely in love with Sri Lanka’s colorful take on life – the eminent colorful lifestyle from houses, spices and textiles to colorful temples, mosques, markets and nature.

Sri Lanka combines a casual lifestyle surrounded by a permanent colorsplash so amazing – and so different from Scandinavia, where I am born and raised.

And this was also where I really got to learn about one of Sri Lankas biggest and most beautiful trademarks and commodities: the colorful sapphires.

From lawyer to jewellery designer

However, it wasn’t really in the cards for me, that I would end up as a jewellery designer. I have a master in law and was admitted to the bar as a lawyer and worked as such for more than 7 years, before realizing it wasn’t the right path for me.

I have always had a creative nerve and spark, that couldn’t be invoked working as a lawyer – even though being a lawyer was never completely wrong, it wasn’t completely right either. Something was missing – something creative and colorful, but for so many years it was rather difficult for me to pinpoint, what exactly was missing.

I supplemented my lawyer-life with loads of creative elements, such as the most cosy and nice position as fashion editor at a small Danish magazine, running a fashion blog and always having a pipeline of creative projects running. But it wasn’t until I travelled to Sri Lanka, that I finally realised where to I should channel my inner creative nerd.

Sri Lankas colorful world of sapphires 

Seeing all these amazing sapphires and the wonderful colorful world that surrounded them, gave me an idea to somehow find a way to create something of my own. The meeting with Sri Lanka made a huge impact on me and gave me countless of inspirational thoughts and ideas, as well. I couldn’t really let go of the colorful world and the quirky color combinations. It was after this trip, and seeing the behind the scenes of the gem trade that I realized I wanted to start my own jewellery brand.

I’ve always had a passion for creativity, fashion and the creation of beautiful things – and I have a special love for Scandinavian simplistic design. So the idea of fusing the colorful and magical East with the clean and minimalistic lines of Scandinavia came to life, and Anpé Atelier was born.

I spent 2 years on designing and sketching on Anpé-styles and working as a lawyer full time, before I launched Anpé Atelier. Six months after launching the brand I quit my job as a lawyer, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Anpé Atelier visions and love

Anpé Atelier is my biggest passion and the apple of my eye – I love being part of your big and small jewellery dreams, and it gives me the biggest joy and pride to be involved in some of the happiest moments of my customers lives.

Therefor I love working closely together with my customers to make their jewellery dreams come true. Every design can be created in a different color or gold material than displayed. I love customizations and bespoke pieces– whether it is from scratch or based on one of my existing designs.

One of my major focusses is to bring color into people’s lives – and in a sustainable, ethical way. Therefor I handpickall our bigger gemstones, where the majority come directly from the mines. The gemstones are mainly from mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar owned by one of my very close collaborators – in this way I can secure, that the gemstones are ethically mined and under good conditions for the people working there.

You’re always welcome to contact me to order, customize or book a meeting <3


Written by Line Jacobsen








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