We are very excited to announce an exclusive design collaboration with Danish fine jewellery platform, The Jewellery Room.

The Monara collection drops June 28th, 2022.

We will be releasing a colorful collection of rings intended to bring playfulness and fun to the world of fine jewellery. Monara, meaning peacock in Sinhala, perfectly captures the essence of this collection: over the top, colorful and creative. Like most of our designs, these styles play with vibrant colors and geometric shapes and unique design patterns.


“This collaboration is a manifestation of the Anpé world, where color and intricate patterns are in focus to create a delicious design juxtaposition.


Each design exudes creative confidence and challenges the traditional and diamond dominated fine jewellery industry… 



When designing this collection, we knew we wanted to go all out and infuse as much color and fun into each style as possible.


A number of the pieces add a colorful twist to an otherwise classic design, whereas the intricate cluster rings form a one of a kind ornate statement piece.” – Line Jacobsen, founder and designer.

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