Custom Made Rings

This page is dedicated to custom made rings, where creativity and craftsmanship merge to create unique, heartfelt pieces that tell your personal story. Discover the art of personal expression and let us craft a custom made ring that resonates with your soul.


Custom Made Rings

Custom made engagement ring – or the perfect self treat

Are you in the search of a ring that truly reflects you or your loved ones unique story and/or style? Then a custom made engagement ring of self treat ring may be the perfect option for you. Unveil the magic of bespoke jewellery that wil elevate your experience to a whole other level.


The advantages of a custom made ring

Getting a custom made engagement ring is truly a unique experience, and it allows you to focus solely on what you and your loved one really loves in terms of shapes, types, colors and sizes.

When it comes to a ring that captures your heart’s desire, a custom made engagement ring is the way to go. Let your imagination run wild as you collaborate with us to create a ring that speaks your individuality and jewellery dreams.

The ring becomes a symbol of you, and will be as extraordinary as you are. Each custom made engagement ring is one of a kind, as no two stones are exactly the same, and it’s thereby also tailored fully to match your personality and taste.


The process of a custom made engagement ring

The process begins with your visions and dreams. Start by letting us know, which gemstones you’d like to incorporate in the custom made engagement ring, and which shapes and sizes you would like to work with. If you have a budget, we should work within, do let us know as the first thing as well. Kindly note, that our custom made rings have a starting price point of EUR 2500, and that the price can vary greatly depending on a wide variety of factors. You can read more about pricing here.

Custom made engagement ring with tourmaline and diamonds set in 18k yellow gold

Custom made engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds

Once we know your taste and dreams we will go through our stock of gemstones (either in a physical meeting or on remote basis). Once the gemstones are in place, we will design the ring, and you will receive sketches and computer renderings of the design for approval before handmaking.

As we’re working with natural materials, it can take time to source exactly what you wish, and therefore you should be out in good time before starting the process of a custom made engagement ring. Usually it takes 6-8 weeks to handmake from the time you have decided on the gems and the final design.


A piece to cherish forever

When your custom made engagement ring is complete, you will hold in your hands a true treasure – a ring that embodies the love and passion shared between you and your partner. The result is a timeless symbol of your commitment to each other, destined to be cherished for generations to come.

Remember to take proper care of your ring so that it can last forever. You can read more about fine jewellery care here, as well as you can read about cleaning it here. Check up on it regularly to see if the prongs are still good or if it needs a professional check up at a jeweller. In this way it will last for generations.