Pricing of custom jewellery

Pricing of custom jewellery

There are a number of factors that affect the price such as the materials used, rarity of gemstones, and the fluctuation in costs within our supply chain and industry.

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Pricing of Custom Jewellery

Jewellery created with our customization service is difficult to give an accurate quote on before having had a design meeting with you, and getting an idea of which design lines you’re looking for and with which type of gemstone(s) you are interested in. There are a number of factors that affect the price such as the materials used, rarity of gemstones, and the fluctuation in costs within our supply chain and industry.

On average, our custom made designs have a starting price point at EUR 2500.

Our customization service not only allows you to create a one of a kind piece, but also enables you to be a part of the design process and input the most thoughtful and symbolic details into your design. This is something that cannot necessarily be replicated with mass-produced designs, which is why we love the custom process so much.

Key Factors That Influence Price:

Center Stone 

One of the most important factors that will affect the price of your custom design is the type of gemstone that you choose. Whether you choose a sapphire, tourmaline, spinel, etc – prices can vary widely. The key factors that impact the price include: the carat (weight), the color, the cut, the clarity and the rarity of the stone.

  • Carat Weight: The higher the carat weight of a stone, the higher the price will become. In the fine jewellery industry we have carat milestones which are: 1.0 carat, 2.0 carat, 2.5 carat etc. When a gem reaches this milestone, the price immediately jumps. Finding stones that are a bit below these milestones, such as 0.94 carat can reduce the price slightly for for example sapphires and drastically for diamonds.
  • Color: As we work mostly with colored gemstones, it is important to note that the richer and more saturated the gem is, the higher the price usually becomes. There are also specific colors within the industry that are more rare than others such as bi-color or color changing gemstones, as well as the famous Padparadscha sapphire.
  • Cut & Clarity: The clarity and cut of a stone also impacts its price. The cleaner and more symmetric a gemstone is, the higher the price becomes.
  • Heated & Unheated: As we use sapphires in many of our designs, it is important to note that sapphires that are treated or untreated with a heating process can also differentiate in price. Heat treatments are commonly used to intensify the color and better the clarity of a gem. Generally, unheated stones have a higher price tag than heated ones.

You can read more about this topic in our “Determining the Value of a Gemstone” booklet.

Metals used

The type of metal used within your custom piece will also affect the final price. Platinum and palladium (used in white gold) are both metals that generally have a higher price tag than yellow and rose gold. The cost also depends on how much gold you use in your design, for example, a ring band that measures 6mm wide will cost more than the same metal in a 2mm wide band.

Heirloom Gems

Customers often come to us with heirloom jewellery to redesign. Using this jewellery often saves the customer having to buy a new center stone, which can in turn lower the cost of having a custom piece made.

Do note that we do not work with loose gemstones sourced elsewhere. We only work with gems from heirloom jewellery.

The heirloom gemstone should be tested prior to this in order to be sure of the gem species, its durability and quality.

Please note we do not take responsibility for gems, which are not sourced by ourselves.

Recycled Gold

We are able to recycle gold from your old jewellery, however this does not necessarily lower the price of your custom piece.

Old gold goes through a vigorous process when being renewed. Therefore the amount of time and work it takes to recycle the gold may cost more than the actual gold itself. If the gold doesn’t have sentimental value, you’ll get more value out of trading the old gold as part of the payment.

If your gold has sentimental value, then of course it is great to use, but it does not guarantee a lower price with the final cost of your custom piece.

Industry Fluctuation

The economic state of the world impacts all industries, including the fine jewellery industry. Higher costs of raw materials throughout our supply chain can later cause the price of custom designs to increase, as well as it impacts our future collection pieces. Custom made and ready made pieces from two years ago will not be the same price as pieces being made in the present day.


Payments for pieces from our customization service are paid in 2 installments. 50% is paid when the piece goes into production. The other 50% is paid when the design is finished and ready to be sent off to you (approximately 6-8 weeks after confirmation of the order).