Discover our selection of one of a kind engagement rings designed in Copenhagen. With a focus on vibrant gemstones, each design puts a colourful twist on the idea of traditional engagement rings.

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Choose the right engagement ring

How do I choose the right engagement ring?

Deciding to propose to your loved one is a big decision, and choosing the right engagement ring can feel overwhelming. You want to pick a unique engagement ring that suits your partner’s taste, a timeless engagement ring she can wear forever and a ring which is strong, hard and durable enough to stand every day wear.

All people are different, and how to choose the right engagement ring for your partner will ultimately depend on your partner’s personal taste. It can be a good idea to ally yourself with one of their friends, as they might have shared some wishes for the ring.

One of the first things you need to consider is the shape for the center stone. Most people have preferences for certain gemstone shapes or they may have shapes they dislike.

The next you need to consider is the size of the gemstone. The higher the carat, the higher the price. Therefore it’s good if you’re also letting us know your engagement ring budget, so we can source accordingly.

And finally you need to consider, which type of gemstone you’re going for. Are you looking for a traditional diamond, a saturated sapphire or maybe your partner’s birthstone?

Once you have narrowed down the gemstone shape, size and type we can start sourcing for the perfect engagement ring center stone and work on the design from there.

Should I go for a colorful engagement ring or a diamond engagement ring?

Whether you should choose a diamond engagement ring or a colorful engagement ring is ultimately up to your partner’s taste, and the traditions you may have in your family, culture or country.

Choosing a colorful engagement ring allows you to build a completely unique engagement ring, as no two colored stones will ever be the same. That means choosing a colorful ring for your loved one will ensure that no one else has something identical.

Going for a diamond engagement ring is the more traditional choice and will usually be very classic and timeless.

Ultimately it depends on what your partner would dream of wearing – if you go that way you can’t do it wrong.


Getting a unique engagement ring

In our experience the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring is, that it should be a unique engagement ring. Going for a colorful engagement ring will ensure that you’re also getting a unique engagement ring. Each colorful gemstone is unique and one of a kind, and by choosing or example an engagement ring with sapphire as center stone you can be sure, that it will be unique.

Another way of making sure it’s unique is by engaging in a custom made process to create the perfect one of a kind engagement ring for your partner. In that way you can get all their wishes put together in one ring, that no one else can ever make.