14K and 18K colorful gemstone rings inspired by the minimalistic North and the colorful East. Each design holds unique and beautiful gemstones that are hand picked and sourced from our single trusted gem supplier.

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Discover the right ring for any occasion

Are you looking for beautiful rings with colourful gemstones? At Anpé Atelier cph, we create gorgeous designs which are inspired by the minimalistic North and the colourful East. All of our designs are unique, as each gemstone will have its own unique characteristics and shapes. This ensures that although the design is not personalised, your ring will still be one of a kind. 

Whether you prefer the traditional and elegant diamond ring or a more colourful and unique design, we can help you find the right choice for you. Our selection ranges from very simple and gorgeous ring bands to bigger pieces, such as a statement ring. 

Discover the right ring for any occasion

Ranging from a loving gesture to an engagement, there are several occasions during which you might consider gifting someone a beautiful ring. That being said, simply wanting to treat yourself to something special or to commemorate an accomplishment can also be an excellent reason to shop for rings. 

Many choose to gift their partner with a push present when a child is born. A slightly different ring, such as a princess ring, can also be fitting for such an occasion. Likewise, we can also help with an upgrade to your old engagement ring or a beautiful, alternative choice for wedding bands. We believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to when to purchase a gemstone ring. Neither are there any rules for when you should wear them. So, if you wish to adorn your finger with gorgeous gemstones, our designs are here to help.

Discover our different styles, or get inspired by the different colours, shapes, and cuts of stunning gemstones. We ensure high quality on all of our pieces, meaning that you will have a ring you can proudly wear for a lifetime. We also work with 14K and 18K gold, resulting in a stunning and durable ring band. 

Choose a ring with a good conscience 

All of our gemstones are hand-picked and sourced by our single trusted gem supplier in Sri Lanka. We work closely with our suppliers, striving to be as sustainable as possible. We offer a wide range of gemstones, meaning you can find everything from sapphires and diamonds to tanzanite and aquamarines.  

Our goal to be as sustainable as possible is also why we do not mass produce our designs. Whether you are looking at rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, we produce our jewellery for each individual customer. By aiming to be a part of the slow fashion trend, we limit the possibility that we will produce more than needed. 

Find your new ring at Anpé Atelier cph

Whether you are shopping for engagement rings, the perfect gift or a special treat, our selection of gorgeous rings can fit any occasion. And in case you do have a slightly more specific design in mind, please feel free to contact us. We also offer bespoke rings and jewellery, which can help ensure that you end up with the exact ring you desire. 

So whether you wish to add a new piece of jewellery to your existing collection, you are planning to pop the big question, or you want to commemorate a big day, shopping at Anpé Atelier cph can be the right choice. We will happily guide you through our selection and offer our advice. But ultimately, we wish to listen to your wishes to help you find the ideal ring.