A unique selection of gemstone necklaces with a rainbow of colours featuring sapphires, diamonds and tourmalines.

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Add a new pendant necklace to your collection

A necklace can be all you need to really bring your outfit to life. At Anpé Atelier cph, we create beautiful and elegant necklaces which can be used for any occasion. From a formal setting to a normal day at the office – our designs can be worn anywhere.

Choose a discrete and simple design or add a little extra sparkle with one of our more colourful options. Whichever you prefer, we are sure it can make any outfit pop.

A beautiful pendant is a very elegant solution to any outfit. It is a timeless classic in many jewellery collections, and you probably already have a couple at home. At Anpé Atelier cph, we offer gorgeous creations designed with fine jewellery grade gemstones and 14K or 18K gold.

However, we also design gorgeous charm necklaces. These necklaces have the charm or pendant as part of the chain itself, making it one piece of jewellery rather than a combination of two separate pieces. This is also a very elegant solution and can give a very clean and sophisticated look.

Give a special someone a beautiful gift

A necklace is something anyone would appreciate to receive as a gift. The variety of designs makes it a great and versatile gift, meaning you can find a fitting necklace for many different personalities and styles.

Another great benefit of a necklace is the possibility to pair it with other jewellery. A nice pair of earrings can easily compliment a necklace, and you will often be able to find a set which shares the same design, gemstone or overall style. Likewise, layered necklaces are an excellent way to make your outfit a little more personalised.

Surprise your partner with a beautiful necklace as a push present or surprise your mother with a brilliant design for her birthday or Christmas. There is no wrong time to surprise someone you love with a special present. And a necklace with gemstones from Anpé Atelier cph is a wonderful gift for anyone.

You might even feel compelled to treat yourself? As a celebration of your promotion, graduation, or simply because – jewellery is always a great way to spoil yourself.

Cluster necklace with sapphires set in 18K yellow gold

Cluster necklace with sapphires set in 18K yellow gold

Take good care of your new jewellery

At Anpé Atelier cph, we use high quality 14K or 18K gold along with fine jewellery grade gemstones. This results in beautiful and durable jewellery, but the proper care is still recommended. Cleaning your jewellery will help keep the brilliance of the gemstones and metal alive, but there are some general guidelines for fine jewellery care you should also be aware of.

In order to protect the shine of the gemstones used in your necklace or other jewellery, we recommend that you take them off before showering. If you are wearing a ring, you should also remove this before washing your hands. While soap and water help keep your hands and body clean, it can make your gemstones look dull and tired.

Cleaning your jewellery is another important task and it is important that you take good care of your metals and gemstones. Some chemicals might affect the gems while rough bristles on a brush can scratch them. We recommend that you use a very soft toothbrush and tepid water to clean your jewellery. This will help you keep your jewellery shiny, brilliant and beautiful without any damage. 

If you have any questions about our selection of necklaces, earrings or other jewellery, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to accommodate your wishes, so do not hesitate to let us know if you are interested in a necklace in a different colour. We can also assist you in bespoke necklaces in case you have a specific design in mind. Does this sound like something you would enjoy? Reach out to us and let us work together to find beautiful jewellery for you.