Sustainability: the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. It is the ability to exist constantly.

To Anpe Atelier, sustainability is being able to create designs without negatively effecting the environment through wasted resources from overproduction and transportation, as well as keeping those involved in the process of the production in safe working conditions.


Anpé jewellery is either unique or made per order, which in turn means that we do not have a large stock pile laying around our showroom. This concept allows us to keep track of the amount of designs we produce and can avoid waste from overproduction at all costs. Every single order is made specifically for you.


Anpé Atelier is partial to slow fashion, as opposed to the typical fast fashion idea that is found within the jewellery industry. We advocate for manufacturing in respect to people and the environment. We want to create items that are worn and cherished for a life time and beyond, as opposed to being worn for a season and chucked away.

Thoughtful Consumption

Many of our designs are customized pieces for customers and have immense symbolism and meaning to that individual. When these pieces have such a meaning, it brings more incentive to keep and wear them. Instead of having something that was mass produced, you have an item that you have created, that is perfect for you and made specifically for you based on your dreams.


We work closely with long-term partners in Sri Lanka, such as our close gem trader and our small team of 4 goldsmiths. Both offices and workshops have been visited and approved as fair work places for the employees, as this is a very important aspect for Anpé Atelier.

All of our gemstones are hand picked and come directly from the mines owned by our close collaborator. In this way we secure that the gemstones are ethically mined under good conditions for the people working there.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict free diamonds are diamonds that are mined and shipped without connections to rebel or terror groups. Last-mentioned diamonds often originate in war torn areas, which have horrendous working conditions for miners and are then illegally traded.

Conflict free diamonds are mined safely and follow a process that prevents any societal or environmental harm. All diamonds used in Anpé Atelier designs are conflict free.