Sustainability: the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. It is the ability to exist constantly.

Responsibility in the Fine Jewellery Industry:

We recognize the environmental and social implications that the fine jewellery industry has, which is why we continue to prioritize driving a positive change through responsible sourcing and production.

To Anpé Atelier, sustainability is being able to create designs without negatively affecting the environment through wasted resources from overproduction, as well as keeping those involved in the process of the production in safe working conditions.

In short:

  • We have a very close-knit and small scale supply chain. Our workshop has a small team of 7 individuals and we have been with the same supplier since the business began. 
  • We overcome overproduction within our industry by creating one of a kind pieces – both in custom orders and ready made designs. 
  • We only work with suppliers that have a responsible and transparent approach to the gemstone industry, especially in terms of traceability and ethical working conditions. 
  • We avoid mass production in sprawling factories. We focus on keeping our business on a small scale so that we can keep track of the ethics and traceability of our supply chain.

Responsible Gemstone Sourcing and Production

From our inception, we have worked closely with the same primary gemstone supplier and production, both located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Our primary gemstone supplier works directly with the gemstone mines, meaning they are involved in the process from mining to market. Consequently, these gemstones follow a direct path from the mine to our supplier, and then to our showroom, eliminating the involvement of multiple intermediaries. 

Our other supplier is a female owned small gem cutting business in Australia, who holds the same values as us in terms of known origin of the gemstones and ethical sourcing.

This also means that we know the origin for the very vast majority of our colorful gemstones.

Our diamonds come from Botswanamark in Antwerp, Belgium, who works only with fully traceable diamonds mined by either Debswana or Lucara in Botswana. Debswana is making sure to meet and exceed both local and international environmental regulations, and is committed to minimising any negative impact diamond mining might have on the environment. They actively promote a culture of environmental responsibility and commitment towards sustainable development in Botswana, and they have been awarded ISO14001 certification.

Our production is a team of 7 in the capital city of Sri Lanka, including two goldsmiths, one polisher and one setter. By choosing to manufacture in Colombo with this team, we are able to support their small workshop in a country that has given us so much – and where our story began.

Supply Chain Transparency

As a small business, every moment of communication feels personal to us. That is why we have formed strong bonds with the individuals found throughout our small supply chain. 

You can read more about supply chain transparency here, and learn about the origin of our gemstones, conflict free diamonds, our suppliers and more.

Slow Consumption

Our approach to jewellery creation is deliberate and responsible. Each piece of Anpé jewellery is either unique or crafted upon order, eliminating the need for excessive inventory. This strategy empowers us to meticulously manage our production quantities and prevent overproduction, aligning with zero-waste principles. Every order is meticulously tailored to your preferences.

Embracing the ethos of slow production, we veer away from the conventional fast fashion model prevalent in the jewellery industry. Our focus is on mindful manufacturing that respects both people and the environment. We take pride in crafting items meant to be treasured for a lifetime and generations to come, a departure from the transient nature of seasonal wear and discard.