Anpé Atelier Cph is a small, woman run business based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialise in colourful gemstone creations and custom fine jewellery design.

We are a bit different from your average jeweller, as we focus primarily on colourful gems such as sapphires, tourmalines, spinels and more, over classic diamonds. Our designs focus on vibrant colors, exclusive gemstones and intricate gemstone combinations.

Here is some more information and commonly asked questions that we can now answer for you:


Custom jewellery design makes up for a majority of our work at Anpé Atelier and we absolutely love it.

The bespoke designs have a very personalised approach which customers seem to enjoy. Each inquiry we get about a customized piece we take very seriously, and we start off by discussing what that person is looking for, whether it be an engagement ring, a push present, a treat yourself ring, and more.

These are the general steps: Together, we source the perfect gemstone that fits your exact want. Next, we sketch the design you had in mind and we go back and forth and fix and add whatever you have in mind. Once you have chosen your design, it is sent out to be processed into a computer graphic design. After you approve, the design is sent to be handmade by our 4 goldsmiths in Sri Lanka.

Lastly, we will receive your piece from Sri Lanka, and we will send over a quick sneak peek just to make sure you 100% approve of it. Once approved by you, it is ready to be shipped off for you to cherish and enjoy! Read here for a short introduction to the bespoke process.


Appointments in the Showroom: Appointments can be booked in our showroom through Instagram DM, e-mail or on our website. We are available throughout the week and on the weekends for meetings. You can expect to have all of the pieces from our collections, as well as the stock of gemstones we have, present for you to browse through. Together we can discuss your jewellery dreams and create the exact design you are thinking of.

Pop Up Meetings: We host pop up meetings in different cities abroad, where we travel with our Anpé stock to meet customers who can’t make it to Copenhagen. We always post time and place on our social media, and booking happens on a first come, first serve basis. If you know already now, that you want Anpé to come to your city, you can always e-mail me, and we’ll put you on a list to make sure you’ll know as the first, if we come to your city..

For pop up meetings, customers have to make an appointment, where again, we can have one on one time to talk about what you are looking for.

The reason we do it this way is so that we can give you my undivided attention and create an atmosphere where we can talk about the pieces, where you can try everything on with the amount of time you need. We always want to make sure we give our customers the best customer service and personalised experience, so that everyone can leave happy and satisfied.


Delivery times from Anpé Atelier vary from other businesses, this is because the pieces are handmade and for the most part one of a kind and produced for the individual customer. We have three different ranges, all of which have differing delivery times.

The Classic Complexity range: Delivery for this collection ranges from 5-10 days, if everything is in stock and in your size. We can have the ring changed to your size, however it might add on a few days.

The Scandinavian Simplicity range: The pieces in the Scandinavian Simplicity Collection is made per order – that means that when you place the order, we will create the specific piece for you. That usually takes 4-5 weeks. However, if you or you’re loved ones are a size 52-54, we often have one in stock in that size.

Custom Designs: Creating a customized piece can take time, as it all depends on how fast we can find the perfect gemstone for you. Please send an e-mail, if you’re looking to create a customized piece, because the delivery time varies greatly.


Our founder, Line, travelled to Sri Lanka before she started Anpé Atelier, and it was a truly life changing experience. It was the main inspiration for creating a jewellery brand, and that is because she was introduced to the beautiful and colorful sapphires and other gemstones that are naturally sourced there.

She has formed a very close business relationship with gem traders and goldsmiths who she continues to work with and speaks to every single day. It was important to her that she was working with people and companies that have a sustainable and fair mind set.

All of our gemstones are handpicked and come directly from the mines. The gemstones are mainly from mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar owned by our very close collaborator, Jewelmine Gems – in this way we secure that the gemstones are ethically mined and under good conditions for the people working there.


Sustainability is not just a hot word we use for marketing purposes. It is truly something that we believe in.

What makes Anpé Atelier sustainable is that we are partial to slow fashion, which means we want to design things that people can wear for long periods of time, as opposed to just something you wear for a season and throw away.

Each item is made per order, and therefor, that means that there isn’t a huge pile of stock laying around. This ensures that there is no sense of overproduction or wasted resources, in terms of the jewellery, labor and transportation.

We work solely with solid gold and gemstones – this secures that the jewellery is of high quality and will never perish and can be passed on through generations.


Some may not know this, but making sure your diamonds are conflict free is incredibly important. Conflict free diamonds are diamonds that is mined and shipped without connections to rebel or terror groups. These diamonds often originate in war torn areas, which horrendous working conditions for miners and are then illegally traded.

Conflict free diamonds are mined safely and follow a process that prevents any societal or environmental harm.

All diamonds used in Anpé Atelier designs are conflict free.

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