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Need something in a hurry? Discover the styles we have available to ship. Each ring is ready to go in a specific size and can be delivered in 1-5 business days. If you need something re-sized, it will take 5-10 business days.

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Jewellery Ready To Ship

Which piece of jewellery ready to ship should you go for?

Deciding on a piece of ready to ship jewellery amongst many beautiful pieces can be quite the challenge. And it can be even more overwhelming, if you’re buying for someone else.

Start by having a look at the jewellery you already have to rule out pieces that come too close to those or who won’t suit the ones you already have. Know your style and think about what kind of colors suit you etc. to make a great choice.

Next consider if there’s a certain style, type or color you have been craving for a while. Consider whether it’s a piece you can see yourself wearing for a long time, and if it’s a piece you’d like to wear everyday or just for special occasions.

Finally set a budget for yourself – keep it realistic so that you don’t feel you have to compromise to get the right piece. Fine jewellery come with a high price, because it involves rare and expensive materials together with excellent craftsmanship. Look at your finances and decide, which price range you can realistically buy for or save up for – and stick to that.

Advantages of choosing a readymade piece

When choosing a ready to ship jewellery it comes with some perks. First of all, there’s hardly any waiting time – the piece can be shipped off to you (or picked up) right away, and you don’t have to wait a long time to be able to wear it. That’s especially great, if you’re on the hunt for a last minute present.

Jewellery ready to ship

Jewellery ready to ship

Another advantage is that you can try the piece on right away and see all the details of it. When you go for a custom made piece you ill for sure get a very good idea of the final look, but you can’t actually see it, until it’s done. That’s not the case with ready to ship jewellery. Here you know 100 % how it looks, before you make up your mind.

Jewellery ready to ship – which pieces?

Anpé jewellery don’t have a pile of jewellery lying in the showroom, as our styles are either one of a kind or made per order. In this way we’re able to keep track of the amount of designs we produce and we can avoid both waste andoverproduction at all costs. Regarding our one of a kind pieces we usually make them in between the sizes 52-54 (check the size of the piece under “shipping and delivery time”), but we can resize them to fit your size. It just takes 5-10 extra days for resizing.

For the other pieces we usually have one of each piece of jewellery ready to ship – also usually in between size 52-54. If your size is in stock, we’ll ship it right away. You can see delivery time under “shipping and delivery time” for each and every piece.

Regarding earrings, necklaces and bracelets we also usually have one of each in stock – and thereby they always constitute jewellery ready to ship.