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Delivery times from Anpé Atelier vary from other businesses, as most of the pieces are handmade and one of a kind – meaning they are produced for the individual customer. We have three different ranges, all of which have differing delivery times. Do note that you can always tell us if you have a deadline – most often we can work around that.

The Classic Complexity range: This range is handmade and all of the designs are completely unique, therefor we only have one piece available. Delivery for this collection ranges from 5-15 days, if everything is in stock and in your size. We can have the ring changed to your size, however it might add on a few days for delivery.

The Scandinavian Simplicity range: The pieces in the Scandinavian Simplicity Collection are made per order – that means that when you place the order, we will create the specific piece for you. This usually takes approximately 6 weeks. However, if you or you’re loved ones are a size 52-54, we often have one in stock in that size. In that case, delivery time is only few days.

Custom-Made Designs: Creating a custom-made piece can take time, as it all depends on how fast we can source the perfect gemstone for you. Please send an e-mail, if you’re looking to create a custom-made piece, as the delivery time varies greatly.

The jewellery is shipped with FedEx all around the world. Your package is fully insured during transport. Please note that FedEx will need a signature to hand over the package, and therefore there needs to be someone present to sign for the package upon delivery.

You will receive an e-mail from FedEx with track & trace number as soon as the jewellery is on its way to you. If you can’t be present to receive the jewellery, please let us know beforehand so we can agree on another arrangement.

Delivery is free of charge worldwide.

It’s important to us that you love your new purchase. If you need to return it, we’re here to help.

If you want to return your new jewellery, please get in touch within 14 days of receiving your order. We will gladly accept returns and offer a full refund on non custom-made pieces. Returned items have to be in their original condition and may not show any signs of use or wear.

Please note that we also need the certificate back to refund you. If you have any questions about returns, you’re more than welcome to send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Do note, that all custom-made orders are non-refundable, as they are made and created specifically for you.

We have a showroom in Copenhagen.

If you’re looking get a custom made piece of jewellery, you need to book an appointment in advance.

If you want to have a look at our ready made jewellery, you can just stop by Tuesday-Friday 11-17:30 and every other Saturday 11-15 (check Google to be sure if we’re open on the Saturday you have in mind).

You are always welcome to visit our showroom to see our ready made pieces, try on and ask questions.

However, if you’re mainly interested in a custom made piece, you need to book a meeting with us in advance. It is our hope to create the most personalized experience for you possible, where we can give you our full attention, and this is why we only work through private appointments for our custom made pieces.

At the showroom, there will be the full Anpé Atelier collection for you to browse through, as well as our stock of individual gemstones. You will be able to browse for as long as you wish, without any interruptions.

You can book your appointment in our showroom here.

Custom made pieces:

We’re available throughout the week and on weekends.


Readymade pieces:

Tuesday-Friday: 11-17:30

Saturday: Every other Saturday 11-15 (Check Google)

For customers living abroad, we’re also able to have meetings through Zoom, Facetime or other digital channels (also keep your eyes open for international pop up meetings, see below). Book a virtual meeting here.

Anpé Pop Up meetings are meetings that are hosted in cities/countries abroad from our office in Copenhagen. We always announce through social media when we’re hosting pop up meetings in a specific city, and customers must then book a time slot to come in.

See our current pop up locations here.

The pop up meetings have the same concept as showroom meetings, as the time is completely one on one. This gives you peace and quiet to browse through the collection and our stock of gemstones.

Each appointment is 50 minutes, which is usually just enough time for one person. If you’re more than one person looking to buy, please book an appointment per person so that we’re sure we have enough time to help you.

If you want Anpé to come to your city, you can always e-mail us and we’ll put you on a list to make sure you’ll know as the first one if we come to your city.

Anpé Atelier uses only precious and semi precious gemstones, ranging from diamonds, sapphires, spinels and tourmalines to emeralds, aquamarines, tsavorites and more.

Read more about the gems we love using here.

Anpé Atelier works closely with our collaborators within the gem trade. We are in close contact everyday, especially when creating custom-made designs, as sourcing the perfect gemstone is an important part of the process.

We want to be fully transparent about our supply chain and you can read much more about where our gemstones and diamonds come from, who our suppliers are and how we ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing here.

Yes, all diamonds we use are ethical and conflict free and sourced via our supplier in Antwerp, Belgium.

All our bigger diamonds (above 0.15ct) are sourced via Botswanamark in Antwerp and are all fully traceable from the mine in Botswana to the end customer, you.

You can read our full Supply Chain Transparency here.

All one of a kind pieces come with a certificate, as well as the majority of our other styles come with a certificate. You can always read under each product online if it comes with a certificate.

All custom-made pieces come with a certificate.

Yes, we love to give old jewellery new life. Not only is giving your new piece a wonderful, sentimental feeling, but it’s also an ethical and sustainable option for your ring. To get an idea of the process, you can read through our Heirloom Jewellery Redesign page.

Please send us an e-mail to get started.

As a rule of thumb, no. We work very closely with our supplier to be sure that all our gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced and of the best quality.

There can be exceptions for old heirloom pieces, if it comes with an appraisal, as well as we sometimes make exceptions for other stones. In those cases we will have to examine the stones first, before determining whether we can use them in a new piece of jewellery. In some instances we will also ask you for a certificate or appraisal of your stones.

We’re happy to source a lab-grown diamond for your custom made piece, if you prefer the lab-grown over natural.

Our collection pieces only hold natural diamonds and gemstones.


For custom made pieces we work solely in 18K gold (yellow gold, rose gold and white gold) and in some instances platinum depending on the design. The jewellery is stamped with the particular metal it is made from.

Our one of a kind pieces are made of 18K gold. Our minimalistic pieces are mainly made of 14K gold.

You can always see under each style, which metal is used.

Do note that we don’t work with silver.

Though they may look similar, 14K and 18K gold have a few key differences.

A majority of gold jewellery is not made of 100% gold, and instead is created from an alloy that combines pure gold with a variety of other metals. This is because gold is very soft, meaning that pure gold is easy to scuff, scratch and change shape. Pure gold is also, interestingly enough, an orange color, as opposed to the soft yellow color we normally associate it with.

Gold is measured out of a 24K scale. So, when something is made from 18K gold, that means it is 18 parts pure gold and six parts various metals. This makes the item 75% pure gold.

14K gold is 14 parts pure gold and 10 other parts various metals, thus making it 58,5% pure gold.

Rhodium plating is used on white gold only. It is necessary to achieve that amazing white finish on a white gold piece. Gold comes out of the ground in a yellow color, and the white color is created by using white alloys in the gold. It’s not possible to create the perfect white color in the gold, and therefor white gold gets plated with a thin coat of rhodium. Rhodium is a rare metal in same family as platinum.

When purchasing a white gold piece, please be aware that it will need a new thin coat of rhodium every now and then.

If you have jewellery you aren’t wearing, you can use that to make a beautiful new custom-made piece. If the jewellery holds precious gemstones and/or diamond, we can repurpose those.

We can also recycle your old gold as well and use it in your new dream piece, however the process of melting down is unpredictable and depends quite a bit on the gold you have. Also do note that you need a lot of old gold to recreate a new piece, as melting down old jewellery presents quite a big wastage.

Do note that melting down your old jewellery and using the gold in a new piece will make the metal weaker. That also means that the new piece will be more prone to porosity, cracking and losing stones. Melting down old jewellery will always make the quality poorer than when you use new metal.

In general melting down the old gold doesn’t present much of a cost savings over buying a new piece of jewellery. As soon as a piece is less than 24K gold (which means the majority of gold jewellery), the process of melting it down is quite problematic. The gold is mixed with other metals to create a hardness to the gold, and each of those metals have a different melting point and behave differently – this means that the process is quite unpredictable.

If you prefer new gold in your jewellery, we can offer you credit for the value of your old gold and count it in the price for your custom-made piece. If the old jewellery is of sentimental value for you or you just prefer to keep the gold but use the gemstones, we can take out the gemstones and return the gold to you.


A vast majority of Anpé Atelier’s work comes from custom made and bespoke designs.

There are five simple steps that make up the Anpé custom-made process, which you can read about here.

We want to make sure that our clients receive the best customer service possible, and therefor we take a personalized approach and work with you every step of the way to creating your dream Anpé design.

You can read more about the custom made process here.

The timeline for a custom made jewellery design varies greatly, as it all depends on the gemstone used and the design’s complexity. If we’re sourcing a rare gemstone, it can take many months, whereas if we’re working with gemstones or existing designs from the collection, it can take down to 8-9 weeks.

Always make sure to let us know if you have a deadline – most often we can work around that, depending on the piece.

Your custom made jewellery piece will be invoiced in two terms.

The first 50% of the payment will be invoiced to you once the center stone and design is finally chosen. The remaining 50% of the payment will be invoiced when you’ve received a sneak peek video of the finished piece. As soon as the payment has been received by us, we will ship the ring to you.

For custom made pieces over EUR 3,000 we offer a lay away programme, where you can pay over either 3 or 6 months.

For some of our collection pieces we also offer a financing option over 2-3 months. It will be mentioned under each style, if there’s a financing option.

Most of the time – yes! The only time it is not possible to resize jewellery is if the resizing infringes on the stones that are set in a ring band, for example in eternity rings.

If you need resizing, there will be an additional cost, which depends on the particular piece.

If you live in Copenhagen, you can always drop by our showroom to get your finger sized.

If you’re not in Copenhagen, you can drop by any local jewellery store for a free sizing.

You can also buy a ring sizer online so you can measure it at home.

It can be challenging to figure out your partner’s ring size without them knowing what you’re up to. If your partner wears rings, start by measuring the inner diameter of one of their rings with a vernier caliber – that will give you the most precise measurement to use to figure out the size.

You can also bring the rings to a local jeweller and ask them to check the size. Just be sure to note which finger they are using the ring on – our fingers have each their different size, and the sizes even vary from left to right hand.

Sometimes asking their friends or family can help – they might know or have an idea of the size.

Yes, we do. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects in material or workmanship on our jewellery from the completion date and for a period of 12 months from the date of completion.

If you believe your jewellery piece has a manufacturing defect, please reach out to us via e-mail on [email protected], before you return the piece to us.

Once we receive the item, we will inspect it, and if we determine that the piece is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair it. If it is not possible to repair the piece, we will replace it.

The warranty, however, does not cover damage to the jewellery, if the damage has happened with natural wear and tear, neglect or abuse or through any fault or mishandling of the person wearing the piece. Such damages can in some cases be covered by your insurance.

If it is determined that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, you will be notified if we can repair the piece and at which cost.

Please note that if the piece contains your own gemstones or gold, the warranty does not cover the piece.

You can read more about our warranty policy here.