Maintenance and repair

Just as with anything you use or wear regularly, your jewellery pieces will need some maintenance over the years to keep it in good shape

Home Maintenance


Maintenance throughout the lifespan of well-crafted jewellery is nearly as crucial as the actual creation process.

Even the finest pieces of jewellery, regardless of their craftsmanship, aren’t impervious to damage. Therefore, we have to strongly emphasize how vital it is to upkeep your precious items. The more diligently you care for and maintain your pieces, the longer their lifespan.

You can compare it to buying a car: Even though you invest in the highest quality vehicle, regular servicing is still necessary. The same principle applies to your jewellery pieces.


Annual Check-Up

You can have a look at our jewellery care guide here. By following the guide meticulously you can minimize the extent of maintenance required. For consistent top-notch condition, we strongly recommend scheduling an annual check-up or service for your ring. We will inspect your jewellery piece and advise you if any work needs to be done.


Worn-out prongs and regular usage can unfortunately lead to the loss of a stone. If you observe any indications of harm or if the prongs on your jewelry seem raised or the gemstone seems to be loose, please reach out to us immediately for inspection.

In the initial year of wearing, our warranty covers tightening of the prongs. Beyond this period, we will evaluate potential if there are any potential maintenance needs, which may come with a repair fee.


You can easily clean your jewellery at home. Read how to here. We recommend that you clean your jewellery at home once a week to keep it sparkling and nice. For a more intensive care you can bring it to our showroom for a professional, complimentary clean every 6 months or so.

If you have an ultrasonic cleanser at home, be aware that not all gemstones can be safely cleansed with an ultrasonic cleanser. Ultrasonic cleansers use vibrations and heat to clean your jewellery, which is not recommended for all jewelleries.

First of all the vibrations can shake loose gemstones out of their settings. Second of all many gemstones cannot withstand neither the vibrations nor the heat. That counts for example for emeralds, pearls, opals and tanzanites. Additionally, these stones are more vulnerable to breakage due to extreme heat or sudden temperature shifts.