Visit our showroom

Our showroom is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is open by appointment only.

Private Meetings

We want to create the most personalized experience for you possible, meaning that our meeting is one on one and we can give  full attention, so we can create the exact piece of jewellery you have in mind.

At the showroom, there will be the full Anpé Atelier collection for you to browse through, as well as our stock of individual gemstones. You will be able to browse for as long as you wish, without any interruptions.

Virtual Meetings

For clients not located locally in Copenhagen, we offer online virtual meetings by phone, email, or video chat. You can get in touch here [email protected]

Pop Up Meetings

A few times a year we travel to different cities abroad from Copenhagen to host pop up meetings. Similarly to our showroom meetings, the pop up meetings are one on one and are by appointment only. These meetings will always be announced through social media, so keep an eye out!