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Revamp your old jewellery into something new.

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Use your old jewellery to create new jewellery.

Whether you have one old jewellery piece or several old jewellery pieces laying around, we can help you create a new beautiful design with the gemstones. Repurposing heirloom jewellery is always a special and meaningful job for us that we’re incredibly proud to be part of – and it will happen in a close collaboration with you.

Repurpose your heirloom jewellery

We understand that heirloom jewellery holds a special place in your heart. Passed down through generations these cherished pieces carry not only stunning gemstones but also the stories and memories of your family, friends and other loved ones. We believe that every piece of jewellery has a tale to tell, and we’d love to help you narrate the next chapter of your heirloom’s journey.


Our services

Heirloom Redesign
Redesigning is a way of transforming your treasured heirloom into a contemporary masterpiece based on your design dreams and preference. We respect the gemstones in the piece and the original design, and we work closely with you to understand your vision for its redesign. Whether you desire a subtle update or a complete transformation, we handle each project with utmost care and attention to detail.

Gemstone Repurposing
If your heirloom gemstones have lost their original setting or need a fresh arrangement, we’re ready to breathe new life into them. We will assess the quality and condition of each gemstone, and we will also get them tested in an independent laboratory (see below about proof of provenance as well). We will advise you on the best ways to repurpose them while maintaining their inherent beauty.

Custom Creations
Beyond heirloom redesign, we offer a full range of custom jewellery design services. We will collaborate with you to craft exquisite, one of a kind pieces that match your preferences as well as we will guide you in terms of the hardness of the gemstones and settings to set them in. You can read more about our custom process here and pricing here.

What do we need from you?

To be sure of which gemstones you have in your heirloom piece we require a proof of provenance, when it is a gemstone over 0.50ct. This proof could be for instance an insurance policy, a certificate, a document from the jeweller who made the piece or an old appraisal.

When you have your proof in order, book your appointment here and remember to send us an e-mail with the proof after. It would be great if you could also send over photos of the heirloom piece as well as information about the size of the gemstone(s) in the piece. In this way we can prepare the meeting in advance.

Use your old jewellery to create new jewellery.

If you have jewellery you aren’t wearing, we can refine it and give you a metal credit that you use towards your new custom made piece of jewellery. We cannot refine your old gold, if you’re not making a custom made piece with us.

We can recycle your old gold as well and use it in your new dream piece, however the process of melting down is unpredictable and depends quite a bit on the gold you have. Also do note that you need a lot of old gold to recreate a new piece, as melting down old jewellery presents quite a big wastage.

Melting down your old jewellery and using the gold in a new piece will make the metal weaker. That also means that the new piece will be more prone to porosity, cracking and losing stones. Melting down old jewellery will always make the quality poorer than when you use new metal.

In general melting down the old gold doesn’t present much of a cost savings over buying a new piece of jewellery. This is due to the fact that melting down the gold is a very time consuming process, and as soon as a piece is less than 24K gold (which means the majority of gold jewellery), the process of melting it down is quite problematic. The gold is mixed with other metals to create a hardness to the gold, and each of those metals have a different melting point and behave differently – this means that the process is quite unpredictable.

If you prefer new gold in your jewellery, we can offer you credit for the value of your old gold and count it in the price for your custom-made piece. If the old jewellery is of sentimental value for you or you just prefer to keep the gold but use the gemstones, we can take out the gemstones and return the gold to you.

The above counts for old platinum as well.


When you use your own heirloom gemstones and/or metal in the custom made jewellery, our warranty does not cover this. Read more here.