Apata Series

A collection of ready to ship one of a kind toi et moi rings: the perfect combination of two gemstones to represent You & Me.

Our toi et moi rings play with beautiful color mixes and combinations between various types of gemstones, shapes, settings and expressions.

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Anpé Toi et Moi rings

Anpé Toi et Moi Rings

Toi et moi rings have always been a popular choice whether it’s as an engagement ring or a treat for yourself or loved one. In the past few years the popularity of toi et moi designs have increased after celebrities such as Emily Ratakowski and Ariana Grande showed their gorgeous toi et moi rings to the world.

This ring design is now one of the most popular design lines we work with at Anpé Atelier Cph.


Two gemstones representing You and Me

As you may already know, the meaning of Toi et Moi is You and Me and it’s reflecting the two gemstones used to create this type of design. The Apata Series is a series of toi et moi rings, where all pieces are one of a kind rings with gemstones such as sapphires, tourmalines, diamonds, chrysoberyls, tanzanites and more.

We play around with a wide variety of color mixes for the two gemstones as well as we like to use different shapes and cuts for the two stones. If you have a wish to incorporate particular colors and/or shapes in your toi et moi ring you can also consider using our custom service, where you can choose the gemstones, colors and shapes you prefer.

The only rule for toi et moi rings is that it holds two main stones. Everything else is possible – even including smaller gemstones or diamonds in the band of the ring.

Anpe toi et moi rings with tourmaline and chrysoberyl

Anpe toi et moi rings with tourmaline, sapphire and diamonds

Toi et Moi ring as engagement ring

The name itself makes the toi et moi engagement ring an obvious choice. Giving your loved one a ring with two gemstones representing the two of you is amazing. Some choose to focus on the couple’s birthstones when going for a toi et moi engagement ring. Others look merely into the couple’s favorite colors.

Even though the toi et moi design is excellent as an engagement ring, it doesn’t only work as such. A toi et moi ring is also a thoughtful gift for someone you love, as well as it is a beautiful treat for yourself. Use it to show appreciation for someone, to spoil yourself or someone in your life, to celebrate a big accomplishment, commemorate something or someone or simply just because you deserve it.


Choose your favorite gemstones

We always have a few ready made Apata toi et moi rings in stock with our suggestion for the perfect mix of shapes and colors. If you prefer choosing your own gemstones and shapes for your toi et moi ring you can simply reach out to us to get the custom made process started. Let us know, which gemstones and or colors you’d like to work with, and we’ll come back with suggestions for gemstones for you.

Combine your favourite two shapes, your favourite two colors and/or your favourite two gemstones and create a one of a kind and unique engagement ring or present for yourself or loved one. Your piece will be unique and there won’t be two alike – and the options are endless.