Varnaya Series

A collection of one of a kind gemstone cluster designs. These styles are the manifestation of the Anpé world, where color and intricate patterns are in focus to create a delicious design juxtaposition.

Each piece pairs exclusive gemstones and diamonds together, and they are one of a kind and completely unique jewellery pieces.

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One of a kind cluster rings

Unique rings

Colorful cluster rings are an amazing way of adding some color and personality to your fine jewellery. We use a wide variety of colorful gemstones for our cluster rings – for example sapphires, tourmalines, tsavorites, diamonds and rubies. We look at the shapes, the sizes and colors of the gems to combine the perfect mix for the designs.

As all colorful gemstones are one of a kind and unique, all of the cluster rings are one of a kind as well. That also means that we can’t replicate a style – and you’ll be the only wearing the one of a kind ring. So once the unique rings are sold, we can’t recreate it – so be fast if you have your eyes on one of these pieces. If it’s sold, we can’t do a similar one again.

However if you see a sold style you love, we can play around with similar shapes and settings and try to aim for some similiar gemstone hues. It will never be exactly the same, but it’ll be your very own unique and one of a kind ring.

Remember that you can in fact also create your very own custom made cluster rings. You can get inspired by other customers’ cluster rings and/or send an e-mail with your wishes.

Gemstone rings in your favorite colors

When creating these cluster designs we start by looking at the colors. Which colorful gemstones go well together and which hues make the colors pop even more next to each other.

Next we look at which gems we have in stock that match our colorful wishes for the cluster and start mixing them with each other. In the process we also look at which shapes create the perfect cluster, so there’s as little gaps as possible in between the gemstones.

For some gemstone mixes we focus on a certain color but in different hues. Going for a pink cluster ring for example we would mix both saturated pink sapphires with more deep red rubies, pastel baby pink sapphires and peach gemstones.

Other times we focus on a full rainbow ring with a mix of as many colors as possible – either in a pastel cluster ring or a fully saturated colorful ring.

All in all the final mix of gemstones and the finished design is depending on which colorful gemstones Nature has provided for us.


Colorful cluster rings as birthstone rings

A growing part of our custom made cluster rings has the base in the customer’s birthstones. Every month of the year has its own birthstone – and they are all different colorful gemstones. A birthstone ring holds either one or more gemstones representing either the customer or their family, friends or other important people of their lives. All the gemstones used have different hardness and durability, and we’ll surely guide you on this, so you know how to take proper care of your birthstone jewellery.

By getting a birthstone cluster ring you’ll have a very personal piece to wear every day.