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Gorgeous Tourmaline – a gem that comes in a rainbow of colors. This fantastic gem is an Anpé staple and is used in many of our designs. Discover all of our gorgeous tourmaline rings here.

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Beautiful tourmaline jewellery – October Birthstone

Facts about tourmalines

Tourmalines come in so many different colors, and it’s one of the main reasons we love working on tourmaline jewellery. From dazzling baby pinks to ocean like blue greens over to fiery orange and red tourmalines. Most commonly tourmalines come in more softer hues like pastel pink, green and yellows, but you can even find them in bi-color ranges and the so-called watermelon tourmaline: a tourmaline with green, yellow and pink lines.

Tourmalines are sourced all over the world, but our tourmaline jewellery mainly has tourmalines from Madagascar.

The name comes from the Sinhalese word ’Tourmali’ which means ”precious mixed-color gem” or ”something small from earth”.

Tourmaline has a hardness on 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs Scale making it great for daily wear. That means it’s relatively hard and resistant to scratches. On top of that it has an excellent durability. It’s generally stable and won’t be affected by chemicals, but do note that heat can have a damaging effect on tourmalines.

October birthstone and the meaning of tourmalines

Tourmaline is the October birthstone together with opal. If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery with the October birthstone and are in doubt opal and tourmaline we would always recommend to go for tourmaline jewellery. This is due to the hardness and durability being much higher in tourmalines than opals.

Birthstone jewellery is a concept that’s been popular for years, and it’s a great way of creating something very meaningful and personal for yourself or a loved one. The October birthstone is no exception, and the people born in October are so lucky to have several colors to choose from to get their very own, personal piece of jewellery.

In the more spiritual category tourmalines are believed to be able to heal a broken heart and to encourage love. It’s also believed to calm down potential negative emotions.

Why choose tourmaline jewellery?

Tourmaline is a great stone to choose for your fine jewellery piece. The obvious reasons are that you can choose between many colors and the fact that the tourmaline has a great hardness and durability. On top of that tourmalines generally have a lower price point than for example sapphires, which makes it possible for more people to join the fine jewellery market. That also means that you can get fairly large tourmalines for a lower cost than sapphires, diamonds, rubies etc.

If you’re more keen on creating a custom made piece of tourmaline jewellery, that is definitely also an option. Tourmaline is a very popular gemstone for our custom made pieces as well – both in a minimalistic solitaire design, in powerful and colorful cluster designs, in bigger three stone designs and in toi et moi rings. You can get inspired by other customer’s choices within the tourmaline jewellery section on our website right here.

You can always reach out by e-mail or chat if you have any questions regarding tourmalines, features, qualities or to get started on the bespoke process of creating your own custom made piece of tourmaline jewellery.